Jazz Vocalist Ends 2002 With Gala in Carlsbad

Philadelphia born and raised, a Presbyterian minister adopted this illegitimate child of a jazz musician. The minister ran an inner-city rescue mission, so she was raised, a white-Jewish child in black North Philly. A study in melting pot sociology, her jazz style reflects both her hereditary and her environment.

She has what the best female jazz vocalists have had; an emphasis is upon phrasing and a love for rhythm-play with beat. Her vocalizations range from soft, sensual voicing to a powerful, belting blues style. "As a child," she stated, "It was the sax and the drums that moved me." Because of this, her vocal lines reflect the fluidity and lyrical possibilities of the saxophone and the percussive punch of a snare drum.

She is off to a good start, as she reenters the music scene after a 17-year timeout to raise four children. After playing a couple of non-descript clubs, she ends 2002 at the upscale Neiman’s Restaurant in Carlsbad, California, bringing in the new year at Neiman’s New Year gala.

But 2003 doesn’t begin too badly for her, as she opens for Victor Wooten in the Coach House Concert Hall in San Juan Capistrano, California, January 29th. "Two of my children are bass players," she said, "and they couldn’t believe it when they heard I was opening for Victor." "This is going to be fun!" she added with a laugh.

Backing Carolanne are bassist Francisco of Acalpulco, drummer Javier of South San Diego, guitarist James of North San Diego, and the latest member of the group, saxophonist Antwane of East San Diego. Local geography aside, Carolanne Matteson’s Jazz Band is an eclectic mix of players that works, bringing a fresh jazz perspective to the music scene in Southern California.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carolanne Matteson Jazz Group
  • Event Date: 1/29/2003
  • Subtitle: Carolanne Matteson Jazz Group Opens for Victor Wooten in LA
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