m2o signs with the HUS Group Records

In 2002, M2O celebrated the release of their third album, Epiphany. This is another step in their continuing quest to elevate their brand of jazz to a wider audience. This album is a great example of smooth jazz at it's best coming from one of this genre's newest voices. - By Bruce Pleasant, Freelance Writer, Jazz Critic and Jazz musician

The Music

If an art form does not evolve it dies...A purist will want to hear the native format. However, what M2O is doing is no different from what Charlie Parker or Dizzy Gillespie did in the 40's, using the popular tunes of that day in a new and innovative jazz style, called Bebop. You could say that M2O is doing the same thing by combining the classic Jazz styles of the past with today's music! This is where the term Jazz and all her babies' is derived. All forms of American popular music come from Jazz. Rap, Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Urban, Pop and even Country Western can trace their lineage back to the source, Jazz.

By mixing the past with the present, M2O bridges the gap between two generations. To put it simply, B.B. King said to Jody Mayfield at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, "Let me tell you something boy, if you can't pat your foot to it, it ain't music...I don't care if it's classical, country western or rock and roll!"

Speaking of Jody Mayfield, M2O's musical concept has been led by this very influential and talented jazz keyboardist. Mayfield calls this experience, "A modern renaissance music!" By bringing together classic jazz styles with modern urban beats, Jazz becomes accessible to this generation. The form hasn't changed, ...just the groove. Hence, the phrase: 'Jazz and all her babies' which blends pure jazz with modern urban music, without compromising either one. M2O recognizes its responsibility to keep jazz alive and well, as they participate in the creative evolution of the newer art forms (babies) that come from her. They are building a bridge from the past to the future, so that this modern generation will be exposed to the rich musical heritage called Jazz. Music can't be music unless it's heard and experienced. This generation must be given the opportunity to hear.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: m2o
  • Subtitle: A New Smooth R&B Jazz Group Hits the Market
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