JAZZonDEMAND.com goes to eBay

JAZZonDEMAND.com to revive?

I recall going to this site and being stunned by the immense catalog of selections. At first these were all free of charge but when the site decided to go to a subscription format it ran into some difficulties. These issues were the in the midst of the recording industries attempt to control the newly devised method of online delivery of entertainment.

I truly wish that it will resurface as one of the new premiere Jazz portals. Although, I assume that it would have to be held by a record label or publisher willing to work with others to make it happen. Back in the day this site had unbelievable traffic and hasĀ  that potential once again.

There are "smooth" and classic" jazz radio stations with sites, but none of them compared to this. It was that jazz industries dream; to marked the music we all hold so dearly as well as offer one of a kind memorabilia not found else ware.

Will we see another great site like this again? with all of the complications in the royalties system and the uncooperation amongst publishers and holding companies this could be only a dream. But , it is one I truly look forward to.

Lets keep our eye on this one! The direct link off of eBay listing is

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jazz Portal
  • Subtitle: Reportedly to include Pending Service/Trademark when issued by US Patent Office
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