UK Singer Clare Teal Launches Companies

Hotly touted as one of the leading vocalists in the UK, Yorkshire born Clare Teal was hardly out of the press last year and now it seems she is back with a vengeance. A contact close to her record label Candid has confirmed that she will be releasing a second album for them in October. The album "Orsino's Songs" was originally scheduled to be released at the beginning of September, but has slipped back slightly while Teal has been in talks with Candid about the launch of her own Management and Publishing companies.

"The Label are right behind me" said Teal "They just wanted to make sure that everything was in place so that I could keep my mind totally focused on the release of Orsino's Songs. Muddy Field Management have been looking after my business affairs and marketing for the past eight months and now we have completed our staff recruitment the company has launched officially and we are talking to some very talented artists about jazz projects we may be interested in working on in the near future."

Teal also announced the formation of her publishing company.

"I am also setting up a publishing company with my business manager. Orsino’s Songs will look after the exploitation and general publishing of my compositions. Details are not exactly finalized, but it is looking very likely that Candid Music will continue to play a role in the publishing of my material, and could possibly take an interest in any other artists we sign. I have had a lot of interest in the songs I wrote for my debut album and I wanted to have a bigger say in how and what they were used for."

Although a relatively new arrival on the jazz circuit Teal is already a very accomplished and respected jazz songstress and is in demand as a co-writer.

"Clare is one of our most pro-active artists, not only does she have a phenomenal talent as a performer and writer, she has a great head for business. She and her business manager have built a very strong team around them and run a slick operation. We have not seen anything in jazz like this for years" - Marc Connor (Air Media)

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Clare Teal
  • Event Date: 8/12/2002
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