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The Jazz Discography CD-ROM Version 3.3 is now available.

For the first time, all jazz fans, jazz record buyers, collectors, musicians and students can own the world’s most complete catalog of recorded jazz of all genres on one affordably priced CD-ROM.

The Jazz Discography CD-ROM 3.3 is the most comprehensive source of information on a vast repertoire of jazz recordings released between 1896 and today. Content includes full discographical details of 136,263 recording sessions, 24,351 bandleaders plus over 1.5 million musician and tune entries. Over 14 years in compilation, this is an essential resource for all purchasers and collectors of jazz records and CDs, covering some 400,000 individual recordings.

Until now this vast catalog of jazz recordings was available only as 26 printed volumes of over 600 pages each, published in limited quantities over the past decade, at a full set price of over US $1500.

Detailed information covering all genres of jazz

The Jazz Discography CD-ROM 3.3 presents detailed information on most jazz recordings in an easy-to-read format. It is now the largest and most complete catalog of jazz recordings released on 78s, 45s, vinyl LP and CDs.

Displayed in chronological order, alphabetically by bandleader, each recording session shows band personnel, instruments played, session location and date, tunes recorded, matrix and record company release numbers. Easy to use, the CD-ROM can be quickly searched by leader, musician or tune. Information can be read directly from the CD-ROM or loaded onto a hard drive for even faster access.

The Jazz Discography CD-ROM 3.3 contains the same information previously published on the over 15,500 pages published in book Volumes 1 to 26. The CD-ROM is available for either PC or Mac computers. For complete system requirements visit the web site at

Affordably priced with 50% discount on future upgrades

Selling prices for The Jazz Discography CD-ROM Version 3.3 are as follows:

US $277 when purchased online through the web site’s fully secured shopping cart at

US $297 when purchased by mail, email, fax or phone. Order forms can be printed out from the web site.

Prices quoted above are for the single-user edition and include shipping by registered airmail worldwide. Multi-user (reference library) edition prices are available upon request.

Purchasers of CD-ROM Version 3.3 will be eligible to purchase future versions at an upgrade price of 50% off published prices. We anticipate that upgrades will be published annually, commencing mid-2003.

Easy-to-use, The Jazz Discography CD-ROM allows you to:

Search and find full discographical information on specific recording sessions by any bandleader, musician or tune.
Perform searches by individual leader, musician or tune to find specific recording sessions in any of these categories.
Search individual sidemen for recordings issued under their own names. Multiple searches of up to 3 musicians and 3 tunes can be performed simultaneously.
Search for any musician playing with a specific bandleader to find sessions recorded by a particular sideman playing with a specified bandleader (e.g. Ben Webster playing with Duke Ellington).
Verify the accuracy of LP and CD recording information by checking the accuracy of discographical data published on album and CD covers.
Check CD re-issues of original LPs to determine whether they contain additional tracks and to ensure you're not purchasing an album you already own.
Find other versions or arrangements of favorite tunes by quickly searching all recordings of any particular tune.
Print up to 50 recording sessions at one time of any search selection, including indexes. Mac users please note: OS-X operating system is required for printing.

The Jazz Discography CD-ROM also contains an extensive bibliography of almost 500 various jazz discographies, sorted alphabetically by author and musician.

Easy to use for even novice computer users, the CD-ROM has been designed with on-screen navigation buttons that remain visible at all times. The Jazz Discography web site at www.lordisco.comcarries full details of the many features and search options as well as sample screens from the CD-ROM. Visitors can also explore the content of previously published book volumes 1-26 and gain an overview of the CD-ROM’s content, alphabetically by bandleader name.

Book Volume 26 is still available

Book series purchasers may still order copies of printed Volume 26. Content, pricing and ordering information can be found at

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