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New York, NY., June 20, 2002 - Syberdelix Records announces the June 20, 2002 internet release of a new Jazz album entitled "the longing hours"; a collection of six original tracks by trombonist Nelson Foltz and several covers of some of his favorite songs. Produced by Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn, the record is described by Nelson as, "a night-chill-out. torch song/ unrequited love record that is chopped full of alpha waves". The CD will be available in New York stores in July and nationally in September.

The impressive roster of musical talent on this project includes, Carolyn Leonhart (Steely Dan, Wax Poetic) and Mary Anne Marino (Nobodaddy, November Project) offering vocals, Gerry Leonard (Suzanne Vega, David Bowie, Cindi Lauper) playing guitar and organ, (Grammy Award winning songwriter Ken Ascher John Lennon, Meatloaf) on piano and Fender Rhodes, Mat Deveau (Red Betty, The Pasties, Preston Clarke) on drums, and co-producer Tom Lynn (The Drop Band) with Michele Gohler (The Drop Band, Barry White, conductor of Modinha) rounding out the winds which include Nelson on Trombone. Foltz says that the production idea behind "the longing hours" was to "get the right people for the tracks and have it be as collaborative as possible... just bring in the people that had unique voices and let them do their thing."

"A large portion of the album was arranged on the fly with as much experimentation as time and money would allow... a kind of 'what would this sound be like idea'. The approach to the covers was to do versions of my favorite songs... and try to put a new twist on them yet remain true to the tune" says Foltz.

Nelson's own credits include playing with Barry White, Aretha Franklin, The Marian Schneider Jazz Orchestra and several Broadway shows. Watch for his trombone on two other albums currently in production at Uptime Studios, NYC, to be released later this year by Syberdelix Records; UnHappy Jack's "Pieces of the Who", and Christine Mascott's solo project with The Drop Band, "There's Only Sound".

"The Longing Hours" will be available at and mp3's may be downloaded from Visit the Syberdelix Records website for updates, booking and licensing information, and to purchase the CD.



Steve Armour reviews 'the longing hours' by Nelson Foltz

Recorded over a period of years, "The Longing Hours" captures Nelson Foltz's development from a moderately interesting jazz trombonist to a musician of real vision and originality. The older tracks, "Karin" and "Disabled," show Foltz the Pugh/Herwig discipline: good sound, nice ideas, excellent high register, accurate high-speed double time, but with a tendency to fall off of held notes that wears thin quickly.

On the more recent tracks, "I See You Again" and "Horn", Foltz takes a massive stylistic leap. Dropping any pretense of jazz tradition he takes the trombone into an unfamiliar world of moody trances. "I See You Again," by the Sweedish art-pop singer, Stina Nordenstam, features harmonized bass clarinets, looped percussion, distorted guitar that emulates the quarter-tone twists of an Arabic wind instrument, and ghostly singers behind MaryAnne Marino's somber reading of Nordenstam's beautifully specific lyrics. Into this mix Foltz brings the trombone, bucket-muted and clean and mournful as a distant train's horn. He has shed his early affectations and found a new vocabulary of sparse but solid melody-language that puts the trombone at home even in this edgy territory.

Aside from the jazz tunes, where he features himself, Foltz limits his trombone's presence. "Farewell" and "Amadok," both Foltz originals, feature solo performances by other instrumentalists. And he is only an ethereal presence behind Marino on Nordenstam's "So This Is Goodbye," and on "Life In The Modern World," behind vocalist Carolyn Leonhart. Leonhart, who's about two seconds from being a major star, is a sensuous presence, her voice like a caress on the title tracks leading us into and out of the CD.

Foltz has found something all creative instrumentalists look for: a new way to use his instrument. As arranger, composer and producer, Foltz creates a new context around his trombone, and in doing so, finds his voice.

- Steve Armour, Independent Reviewer


Jim Pugh reviews 'the longing hours' by Nelson Foltz

Encountering a recording which truly reveals an artist is rare. "The Longing Hours" falls squarely into this unique category. In the jazz and pop world, music too often exists merely to serve a soloist instead of a solo voice being used as a means of serving the music. This compilation of tracks illuminates Nelson Foltz's vision of music as not simply a vehicle for his outstanding trombone playing but rather as an organic whole. Recorded over a three year period, it also gives a fascinating aural glimpse of an artist in transition. Give it a listen and enjoy in this exceptional debut effort from trombonist, arranger, composer, producer Nelson Foltz.

- Jim Pugh: NY Recording Artist, Steely Dan, Chick Corea, Woody Herman

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