Clare Teal's early recordings get snapped up by eager fans

The UK's hottest jazz singer Clare Teal was said to be "totally stunned" when she was told that all copies of her very first album "Nice Work" had sold out on the first day that she launched her website.

Teal, who released her debut album "That's The Way It Is" for Candid Records last year, said:

"Nice Work" was an album I did ages ago, before I got signed to Candid. It didn't do very well at the time and so I just threw the boxes of CDs we had left into a cupboard. My manager suggested we try and sell some through the new website simply because he liked the album and thought it was a waste having them sitting in my flat, but we never expected them to fly out the way they have. I can't believe it, we are even getting requests to re-press it."

The album features original versions of the tracks "Messin' with Fire" and "Circle Moon" that would eventually be re-recorded for her Candid Debut both of which were written by Clare way back in 1995!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Clare Teal
  • Event Date: 11/2/2002
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