Sal Mosca Website Worth Visiting

Sal Mosca, the unique, talented and expressive jazz pianist often associated with the Tristano school, is becoming productive again after a recent illness. Moving into this new age, Sal mosca now has a website to give his fans and friends a place to see how Sal is doing, listen to sample music files he has posted there, check his discography, buy his CD's and get the latest news on the life and work of the man who may be the finest living improvisational jazz pianist alive today.

There are also e-mail links to contact Sal and a guestbook filled with warm, telling, heartfelt thoughts from fans, students and other admirers. There is no purer, more honest free jazz piano music then the brand born of Sal Mosca, and his website is a great way to get acquainted with this master of his craft.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sal Mosca
  • Subtitle: Greatest Living Improv Jazz Pianist Still Going
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