Danny Federici signs with Hip-o/Universal Records

Danny Federici, the new solo album by keyboardist and accordionist, Danny Federici was released on October 2, 2001 by Universal/HIP-O Records. This contemporary instrumental recording charts new musical territory while echoing the sounds of a simpler, bygone time. Produced by DannyFederici.com) Danny Federici and MichaelCates.com), with guest appearances by Michael Cates, Nils Lofgren, Todd Parsnow and Juan Van Dunk, this CD is a multicultural experience where modern jazz melodies flirt with soulful R&B rhythms, hot Latin tempos and timeless European sounds.

As keyboardist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Danny is considered one of the most valuable and recognizable players in rock n' roll. His French accented accordion parts on early tracks like "Sandy", set the tone, while his pealing glockenspiel flourishes helped define Springsteen classics like "Born to Run" and Glory Days. Later, his soaring organ and piano embellishments served as the musical cornerstone for such hits as "Hungry Heart" and "Born in the USA".

Though he continues to perform with the E Street Band, (just completing one of the most successful world tours in history this summer), Danny boldly asserts his musical independence on this CD. Indeed, with its funky R&B undercurrents, blusey keyboards and accessible melodies, this CD serves as an earnest chronicle of his career.

"There are a lot of elements on the album that pertain to my growing up in New Jersey", Danny explains. "I have a huge collection of memorabilia. It made me realize that I had quite a career going before the E Street Band. It was that realization that set the mood for the CD. In a sense, this record is like a homecoming for me."

Unlike much contemporary music that relies heavily on synthesizers and automated percussion, Danny tracks are notable for their organic instrumentation. To ensure continuity, Danny conceived most of the guitar, horn and rhythm parts himself, then recruited musicians to execute his ideas.

While most of the songs on his CD were inspired by Danny's pre-Springsteen experiences, the CD's title track, Erica has a more smooth jazz feel to it, thanks to the partnership of a long lost friend, producer and musician, Michael Cates. Danny and Michael knew each other over twenty years ago in New Jersey, and happened to see each other at a jazz festival two years ago in CA and are now working on a third CD for Danny.

Other notable tracks are Flemington, Mingle-Mangle, and Egg Beater.

With the Universal/HIP-O label, and worldwide distribution, Danny is looking forward to touring with his own band. Danny states, "I have a lot to say and this is just the beginning".

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