Carlos Barretto


Carlos Barretto . double-bass
Mário Delgado. Electric guitar
José Salgueiro. drums/percussion

Carlos Barretto has been cited as being a jazzman who plays in an Afro-American style , so called Neo-Bop. This expression has a very good raison d’être, as testified by a listen to the releases by his quintets (Impressões- Groove/Movieplay and Going Up- Challenge/Dargil).

In a constant search for new horizons, but above all reasons of cultural identity (being Portuguese, Southern European, Latino), Carlos Barretto felt the need to create a different musical universe, other rhythms, other colours, something which would meet the notion of a certain type of Portuguese characteristic, of a Southern European feel. Through the Arab and Celtic heritage, and also (and why not?) by letting himself be influenced by Fado, Rock or contemporary music. After all, it´s all about improvising on bases which mean something to us, Europeans.

No sooner said than done, Barretto dedicated himself to composing tunes using the electric guitar, double bass and drums or percussion instruments. Mário Delgado and José Salgueiro were natural choices. They are two musicians who have been fully trained in Jazz, but are equally at ease in areas different as ethnic and Traditional Portuguese Music, music from other Portuguese- speaking countries, contemporary, pop or rock. This was vital to the leader’s musical project.

In 1997 the Trio started out on its adventure, practising and performing live culminating in the recording of the CD Suite da Terra, 1998. That year, they performed live concerts throughout the country, playing several times in Expo 98, and travelled to Macau for a string of concerts. Since 1999, the group has gone in a more experimental, bold and abstract direction, where the aesthetic solutions put into practice are more geared towards spontaneous improvisation. The result is extremely interesting and the public´s curiosity for the Trio´s music has been growing daily. The Trio has released a new record Silêncios - in last November, considered by specialist critics as one of the best jazz records of 2000. This year they represent Portugal in the Latin Jazz Festival, in Lisbon, and Exploratory music from Portugal, in London.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carlos Carlos Barretto Trio
  • Event Date: 11/10/2001
  • Subtitle: Double bass player from Portugal
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