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A sneak preview of a future vocal star and for me a current singing sensation. My first experience with Brazilian vocalist, guitarist and composer Luanda Jones was at Lula Lounge, a Latin club in Toronto. She was the guest artist of a Brazilian Dance company, The Dance Migration, a fantastic show that blended many elements of Brazilian culture, not just bossa nova and Samba but a mix of many traditional forms of music and dance from the various regions of Brazil. When Luanda Jones was featured in a duet, just the vocalist and a dancer, I was really impressed with the depth of her singing. A voice that has many jazz sensibilities, a passion burning as a bright ember, she radiates confidence and sincerity. When an invitation arrived for a show featuring the Luanda Jones trio, I eagerly accepted and looked forward to seeing her as the leader of her group.

Her arrival on stage with percussionist Maninho Costa, and electric bassist Ian de Souza was exciting, there was a good sized crowd and the room seemed to have a buzz of anticipation. Luanda Jones comes off as a professional, she is very warm and her stage presence is polished. She knows her Brazilian music, exploring Brazilian classics as well as her own original compositions. A sensual songstress who allows her voice to flow smoothly, melting her tones over hot melodies with an underlying jazz feeling. Her bossa grooves with electric bass and drums burn brightly. The first song she performed, a Jobim composition "Bonnito" was a musically hot performance, a soothing voice reminiscent of Astrid Gilberto.

Luanda Jones’ bio indicates she is originally from Rio de Janeiro, that she has been singing and composing professionally for more than ten years. She was born into a musical family; her father is a veteran rocker, and her mother, Irinéa Maria, a composer of bossa nova. Many of the songs Luanda performed at this show were bossa nova tunes, she also performed some samba and a mix of the two, performed in a funky style.

Luanda Jones has plans to release a CD early in the New Year and I eagerly look forward to giving it a spin. I hope she stays on track, continuing to incorporate the traditional bossa nova and samba rhythms with her jazz spirit, combined this makes for a powerful force.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Luanda Jones
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