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TJ – Tangria Jazz Group, Alive – DC & CO, Nothing but the Sky – Chris Humph TJ – Tangria Jazz Group, Alive – DC & CO, Nothing but the Sky – Chris Humph

TJ Tangria Jazz Group (Self 2008)

In an excursion that has brought this trio to their third spin, Tangria Jazz Group has proven to be bold in approach, precise in composition, and progressive in method. Leader Sheryl Mebane (Drummer) has come together with a vision, evolving her multi-directional craft. The result is seven imaginative cuts all with position and complexities purposely designed by a now, seasoned trio.

The keys of pianist Simon Rochester are crisp and concentrated as showcased in "Isotope." The structure of the Tangria resonance is also acutely calculated by Justin Hellman at bass that just delights and stabilizes the flow.

Spin it; absorb it, the potential for this sound to hit new levels is very convincing. For straight-ahead jazz it has personality. This trio needed to meet at some point within their careers to form this communicative ensemble called Tangria. Heavy with form, a stimulating sound has transpired. Enjoy; for I am sure more is to come!

Alive DC & CO (Self 2007)

Alive is a cooperative work of pure musical molten mayhem! This disc allows you to occupy yourself and stimulate yourself like no other disc of its kind. Alive is a blues rock tone with a serious attitude, and leader Dave Costarella (keyboards) is the one orchestrating the meltdown.

This live spin showcases all the critical and dynamic gears, especially the out-of-control string work of guitarist, Big Tone Torres. At the same time, pay close homage to the skin execution of drummer David Santana on "Heaven Can’t" among others sets.

The vocals on this collection are all unique and fitted strategically into their small piece of the atmosphere within the disc. Costarella’s voice is very distinctive, with a rough edge that cuts the blues feel. "Fine & Mellow" bleeds the tones of Rose Hudson as a majestic-blues buzz resonates

Push-n-Play this party, then go to the show and buckle-up for one hell of a fine ride!

Nothing but the Sky Chris Humphrey (Cadence Jazz Records 2007)

Educator Chris Humphries’ vocals are an unclassifiable gift from first play onwards. Nothing but the Sky has an innocent softness about it. The Chris Humphrey’s experience seems to have an air of an assured artist, for the gentle tones bond with select emotions deliberately.

This self-invented educator and vocalist floods himself with gifted sounds. Drummer, Matt Wilson keeps the band grounded as bassist Martin Wind keeps the beat on track. As for the keys, it’s Mark Shilansky on the bench and that’s how the character of this spin evolves. This is a special yet always reinventing ensemble.

The disc is embraced with fine arrangements and compositions which compliment the task at hand in Humphrey’s world. Accomplished? Absolutely! What is more important is that, he feels what he preaches while executing what he teaches, it is the full jazz package and class is held on each spin.

"One-Note Samba" is one very fine example of the diversity of this jazz man. From the scat attack, to the lyrically minded professor’s manipulation of words, this cut is an event.

Chris Humphrey and cast earn solid jazz credits with this project. The next level is sure to be of a higher education for all of us!

Keep it tuned till the next session!


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  • Artist / Group Name: TJ – Tangria Jazz Group, Alive – DC & CO, Nothing but the Sky – Chris Humph
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