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Buck Hill - Relax (2006 Severn Records)

Tenor sax aficionado Buck Hill extracts the classic tunes of Miles Davis, Charlie Parker along with himself to fashion a spin worth any collection. Distinct reverberations such as the Ozment organ thrusting out mystic grooves offers to the listener added adventures presented on this disc. The project is a very respectful example of pure jazz swing. Sit back with Hill’s "Old Folks" and the intro sax weeping and setting the tempo, so very cool!

Aimee Allen - Dream (2006 Aimee Allen)

The debut project of Aimee Allen does what it should of done, showcasing the depth and range of talent. Allen’s ballad/bossa nova efforts have strong promise and exhibit immense talent in that genre. However other cuts such as "My Favorite Things" & "Cry Me A River" take the listener off track. Allen’s talent is not lost on this debut with such vocal triumphs as "Manha de Carneval" and "Nature Boy" which confirm rich and refined gifts. Aimee Allen has a quest still to travel and the road even now very worth exploring

Linton Garner Trio-Quiet Nights (2006 Cellar Live)

Live and at the lounge so it feels as the spin starts its journey on this live Linton Garner Trio release. Recorded at The Cellar in Vancouver, Garner puts on a true live experience. Showcasing not only classics from the world of Ellington & Mancini but dropping off a few of his own. Since passed in 2003 this is a fine tribute of Linton Garners passion for the keyboard and the art of jazz. This spin defines a mans talent along with the era he came from when jazz was launching into full gear. A very smooth and warm jazz experience!

The Bob Gallo Quintet-Wake-Up Call (2006 Ollag Music)

Stick with strings and the vibrations of talent flowing forth will excite as in the case of The Bob Gallo Quintet with "Wake-Up Call". Heated from the first chord to the last keystroke, the Gallo fetish for traveling to unexplored worlds in music is unmasked with this effort. Although it may seem to be at times a bit scattered it is not, by design Gallo reaches for the unusual. "Fat Tuesday" and "Nightscape" stand out on this project with their unique arrangements. All the cuts are not for everyone but do deserve a respectful push-n-play.

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