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Bonnie Bramlett-Roots, Blues, & Groove (2006 ZOHO Records)

Bold, Brassy, and bursting of Blues is the only way to script this groove we are stuck in when Ms. Bonnie Bramlett vocalizes. At first listen I was caught up in her delivery and execution of deep soulful emotion. This will be the equivalent for you! Selections range from standards to her own artistry, which are the highlights of this disk. Case in point "I Can Laugh About It Now" is pure untarnished classic blues with a jazz overcoat, a very bold rhythm along with precise composition. Ladies and gentlemen of finer music, this is a fine-tuned trip!

Anita O’Day- Indestructible (2006 KAYO Stereophonic)

Still the smoothest chick on the jazz circuit Anita O’Day’s class is just what the disc implies, Indestructible. Sultry tones and insinuated lust-coated feel flows to this day from her voice with such tunes as "All Of Me", "Blue Skies", and "Them There Eyes." It is all to hip this journey back to those smooth days of yesteryear on the vocals of Ms. O’Day the queen jewel of cool! Spin this out of pure enjoyment, which surely brings the listener to a new level of respect for her years of artistic pleasure

Mark Birnbaum-Jelly Roll Morton’s Missing New Orleans (2006 Self)

Although Mr. Mark Birnbaum may be a trained composer and pianist this recording offered no evidence of that. Mr. Birnbaum again may be a wonderful talent on stage and in a live setting but this production from Post Production was more in tune to a Post Mortem of this project. Resonance was incredibly muffled and distorted as if one was trying to recreate the sound off a Jelly Roll Morton’s vinyl. Mr. Birnbaum’s talents on the keys were fine but another could have better executed the vocals. An effort not worth repeating!

Madeline Kole-Don’cha Go’way Mad (2004 Self)

As the title says you better not exit this spin without a close ear once around. Ms. Kole is crisp and full of pure potential as her vocals and bass expertise just glide through this project. Ms. Kole’s vocal expression on "For You, For Me, For Evermore" is divine and spiked with a genuine talent of emotional expression. Willy Wonka’s "Pure Imagination" will get you in that mood as it catapults you back into childhood; it works with her jazz arrangement. The disk is a capsule of what her future could be if she reaches these levels each time she hits the recording studio pure entertainment now hit the next level Ms. Kole!

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