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Ranee Lee & Oliver Jones Just You, Just Me (2005 Justin Time Records)

Hot sizzle with a splash of elegance, as one would say pure temptation! It’s a continuous groove from spin to spin with charisma injected into the soul of Canadian sensation Ranee Lee and Oliver Jones as they perform Just You, Just Me and of course the heated beat does makes three . Lee’s tenacious feel to "Stardust" is just a hypnotic sensuality laced with innocence however as absurd as this may sound, spin it for the truth unfolds itself in this cut. Jones’s ivory is stunning and note-by-note compliments the tones of Lee. This disc was formulated in homage to their friendship however it also showcases what range, focus, and talent can do when unleashed to explore after years of polished talent So very cool !!!

John Stein Concerto Internacional de Jazz (2006 Whaling City Sound)

Strings are fluid and moist with experience as Stein hits his chords out of the gate with his 2005 release of "Concerto Internacional de Jazz" which is a wonderful experience in Brazilian rhythms. "Lonely Streets" even with its simplistic arrangement has a complex overtone when it comes to the technique of the tone and mood. On another level ‘Blues in Maude’s Flat" has an eclectic feel however the percussion presence is not what I expected out of this composition. That foundation of skins was lacking a firmer dynamic impact that could have escalated this cut further however do not let this sway you. This is a very nice project overall. A firm piece in a jazz collection!!!

Marcus Monteiro Quartet MM4 (2006 Whaling City Sound)

If you enjoy the diverse ride through sound and method you will purchase a ticket on this project. From one sax moment of extreme brass arrogance to electronic string stimulation Monteiro’s Quintet allows all of the senses to work in overdrive. The "Love Tent" experience along with an intro from lands unknown is just one example of jazz at its limits, with no complaints here! The piece is melodramatic and without specific emotion, a wonderful arrangement in jazz outside the perimeters Even with "Logic" with its whimsical delivery has a way of capturing your attention at any given moment. As for the exit piece "Esoteric" you as the listener, are now in control of this script for the rest of the review . The project is full of and has dimension!

Ramona Southwick A New Leaf (2006 Leitmotif Whaling City Sound)

Ms. Southwick is the treasure of the week under the Clef Notes signature. Southwick’s energy behind the strokes of the keys and arrangements expose an unadulterated jazz talent with a road still yet traveled. A "Home" hits the spin cycle I feel, a sensational comfort as a foundation musically is expressed with this piece. The ivory precision allows that blanket of excellence to hover over the listener. Nice touch! With straight ahead jazz the focus on "Lifelines" is that of the appeal of one’s life in limbo. However the instrumental performance defines the exact term with numerous sounds through a diverse arrangement. The work is exceptional. Catch the sounds of Spaulding on "Lotus Lake" a fine experiment "A New Leaf" has fallen into lap of jazz let it relax and nurture its existence upon yours

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