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Sara Gazarek-Yours (2005 Native Language Music Inc.)

If your choice vocals are that of the "Girl Next Door" appeal then I will make your day with a recommended spin of this jewel box "Yours", for Ms. Gazarek is it! Intimate and tender sultry yet innocent at times, her presentation is very much worth the listen. Her 2006 "Yours" possibly could open new doors for this impressionable yet knowledgeable songster. I am eager to follow her development with her next release as she unravels more of her musical expression. Note her original "You Got By", a fine jazz breakout cut Ms. Gazarek has "It" now lets see what she does with it!

Heather Bennett-Reflections in Red (2005 Apria Records)

Heather Bennett can be summed up two ways simplistic in her execution of talent for her arrangements and composition just flow off the keys with genuine proficiency. In another way complex for her innovation and productive juices are far above most new-young pianists of her generation. "Reflections in Red" is a dynamic tutorial in mixing acoustic and electric keyboard ingenuity. Ms. Bennett’s talent goes far from just the keyboard for her music exhibits a mass of writing and technical wisdom. This is the fifth installment of her work and it would serve you well to embrace the pathway to this new 2005 profile of her work. Keyboards are solid and close to faultlessness, arrangements truly intellectual by design, and above all the presentation intense Loose yourself in this cascade of ivory splendor!

Janis Siegel-A Thousand Beautiful Things (2006 Telarc)

Although the past of an artist dictates the legacy of a performer the current moment does enhance the perception still. Such is the case of Janis Siegel of the Manhattan Transfer now out with her own identity piece called "A Thousand Beautiful Things" which is just what the spin is. I can put Ms. Siegel under a microscope but why; she is proficient with countless extraordinary branches of gifts to offer, earned and dually noted associated with many decades of class performances. "Reflecting Light " is one select piece off this project that even with its Latin blend showcases a melodic presence. " Did You See The Moon Tonight" is as an angelic apiece as was ever written. Surfacing out of the arena of the Transfer Ms. Siegel embraces her talent and fine-tunes the tones just to once again excite the jazz audience. A very solid continuance of Ms. Siegel’s heritage as it relates to Jazz!

Rob Diener-Anomaly (Some Assembly Required) (2006 Self)

Stick with the old yes, but it’s time to get down with the new wave of jazz talent hitting the circuit globally. Out of the independent haven comes a new brass talent that drips of innovation and funk encased with modern feel and harmony, his name is Rob Diener and his new project "Anomaly" is just that! Cool, full of numerous directions and multiple levels of sound Mr. Diener may not be your standard throwback from days gone by however, he is the vision of things to come "Scooter and Stretch" takes the horn progression to a new cool as it screams out with a number of personalities or as we call it sounds. It has that Tin Pan Alley feel with a new millennium feel . Give this kid a push and play, and you will not only open his doors but also enhance yours

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