Bill Bruford’s Earthworks (Reissue Series w/Bonus Tracks & Interview Discs)

Bill Bruford needs no introduction. His legacy began many years ago with Yes, Genesis briefly, King Crimson (before he went solo) and the rest is history. If you look at those three bands alone, they are probably the most influential of their time in regards to the development of progressive rock. A good chunk of that development and its progression over the years is right here in these six fine albums. Earthworks, Feels Good To Me, One Of A Kind, Gradually Going Tornado, Dig? and All Heaven Broke Lose are all repackaged and re-mastered with bonus tracks and an interview disc. Bruford’s interviews are very intellectually stimulating as he comments on his progressive-jazz-rock fusion recordings and how they came to be with each album.

There is far too much music and variety to generalize anything on this amazing presentation of a solo career. I think it goes without saying how important Bill Bruford has been to progressive music. You can look back to his days with Yes and King Crimson, which are quite relevant. However, if you want to get more into the present day, these six albums sum up a large portion of his solo work.

I particularly enjoyed the instrumental tracks, which predominant on every CD. The few offerings that provided vocals sounded out of place in Bruford’s arena. There is no question that the music of Bruford was designed for purely instrumental listening pleasure. The complex fusion of rock, jazz and progressive makes for mind wandering voyages to worlds you have never visited before. It invites your imagination to take flight.

To encapsulate what could be a very long and boring overview of six great albums, I did not have a favorite. Each CD stood on its own as a singular work of art and expression through music. I am sure listener’s familiar with the genre and Bruford’s work will agree that every album needs the attention of the listener and each one offers different fusions of styles. Enjoy the journey with Bill Bruford and his incredible band Earthworks. I know you will not be disappointed.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Bill Bruford
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