Timeless Treasures

All Blues

If you're looking for a sensual, poetic and harmonious song, then this is the one. Miles Davis plays the trumpet in a mellow and unified way and this is truly a gem. He and John Coltrane work really well on this song and I give it a rating of five glasses of Zinfandel.

A Night in Tunisia

I'm always reminded of Latin jazz when I hear this song. It has a mystic, subtle element and is danceable. Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker do a fantastic job with this tune and it deserves a place in the jazz songbook of all time. I give this song a rating of three salt peanuts.


So far, the best version I've heard of this classic was by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. While they maintain the jazzy element to this song,you can clearly hear the blues element as performed by Louis Armstrong. I love the sounds of the violins in this song,they add majestic beauty to it. I give this gem a rating of five plates of bananas Foster.

Sky Dive

I enjoy listening to groovy jazz, and this song takes the cake in my opinion. Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, George Benson and others make it sound like a TV sitcom theme song. The deep bass, drums, horns and guitar are what make the song. I give this a rating of three bowls of praline ice cream.

Round Midnight

Thelonious Monk delivers a sophisticated and beautiful melody with his piano on this song. It certainly does resemble midnight with a mellow and poetic sound. I give this song a rating of three chocolate chip cookies.


I love the way Ahmad Jamal plays the piano on this song. He does it in a sharp, choppy way but is still able to keep up with the main melody of the song. I especially enjoy the melancholic mood of this song. It adds mystique to the tune. I give this classic a rating of four amaretto cheesecakes.

Blue Train

This is a combination of blues and jazz, but with elegance. John Coltrane plays the tenor saxophone without overpowering the whole song. I feel like I'm in a smoky jazz club whenever I hear this song. It gets a rating of five rum pralines.

April in Paris

This is one of Count Basie's best pieces. I love the way the orchestra plays on this song. It reminds me of going to a Broadway show in New York and eating at a fancy restaurant. I give this song a rating of two bowls of oatmeal with extra cream and sugar.

Strange Fruit

This is the first protest song. It talks about the horror of lynchings in the South and the injustice suffered by African-Americans. This is an important piece of history and a major part of Billie Holliday's career. This song gets a rating of five plates of spaghetti & meatballs.


Duke Ellington adds a dark mood to this song but it still maintains a happy element. Few jazz artists can do this. I like almost all the renditions of this song and it is truly a gem. I give this song a rating of four mugs of root beers.

This is only the first ten in my series. I'll mention the others in part two.

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