Great Food In NOLA For Pops 100th

Louis Armstrong's recipe for Red Beans and Rice has inspired not only an event in honor of his 100th Birthday but a slew of kidney bean recipes to feed SATCHMO SUMMERFEST attendees, August 3-5, 2001 in New Orleans. Imagine joining Louie's table at his home in Corona, Queens, NY for his "Creole Rice 'n Beans" made by his wife Lucille with salt pork, ham hocks, tomato sauce, dried peppers and of course kidney beans served either over rice or beside the rice, as preferred.

If you do go, seek out the Gumbo Shop's "Wild Pecan Rice and Red Bean Salad" on those NOLA days when it's too hot for the Louie's traditionally hot dish. The Praline Connection's Chef Curtis Moore will serve up his "Red Bean Lasagna" stuffed with chili, onions, garlic, kidney beans and topped with Mozzarella cheese. Sounds just scrumptious.

To pig out the Crescent City Brewhouse offers "Red Bean Turtle Chili" with an ingredient list to fatten up even a drummer - ground turtle, a brown roux, chicken stock, lots of garlic and assorted spices, a dollop of dry sherry and garnished with some smoked Gouda cheese, fried hard-boiled eggs halves and tortilla chips.

Now that you're stuffed, how about cooling off with "Cold Chinese Red Bean Dessert Drink" made by Chef Paul Fung of the Chinese Blossom. Real Chinese beans make the difference and sugar makes it sweet, coconut juice and half m& half make it "juicy" before it's topped with whipped cream! Get me a straw so I can chill while I listen to some more hot New Orleans Swing-Jazz. With all those big red kidney beans NOLA may be struttin' with a funky down-wind so don't forget to prepare with some Beano enzyme. Afterward follow up with Pops own regimen of Swiss-Kriss to eliminate the bulge from over indulging.

When you're next in NOLA call ahead to see if there are any leftovers. To prepare Louie and Lucille's recipe, just go to to discover more about the opening of the Armstrong House and Archives at Queens College. -- Great Food In Nola For Pops 100th.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Louis Armstrong
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