Notes on Eternal Spirit

It is with certainty that I know that this is not the first time within the recent past that a writer has paused to examine the meaning of existence and how that meaning is pursued by individuals who live on this earth in a non-geopolitical/economic context.

The question arises through what mode is a sense of loss, mystery, the passage of time, internal value expressed? The mode is that to which there is the most easy access. That is to say, the mode that is closest to the strain of creativity which, in turn, might very well be the closest to the spiritual.

The human individual is blessed with a hopefully advanced mind. What he/she chooses to do with that mind corresponds to his/her experiences. This could be an obvious assumption. Yet, the assumption testifies to the depth of commitment towards one’s total self and how one can contribute to the radiance that energizes humankind. If one is determined to live and, by doing so, go forward in evolving what is truly a language of the spirit whether it be in music, art, words, that person can not only enrich his/her soul, but also the souls of those who are external to his/her inner world.

Creative activity is an aspect of culture that shapes it and gives it signature. Examining the cultural niches within any demographic context will reveal the nature of the society in which the culture in question abounded. After Sept. 11, a cover story of a well-known art magazine brought readers the question: is now a time to make art? This is a question that brings art’s function to the attention of those less abreast of the process of making art. Of course, after tragedy, art becomes the great healer. Not necessarily through the specifics of it but by how it soothes a broken continuity. It does not matter whether the art describes tragic events; it is HONORING abomination and actually molding it into something other than it is or was to bring viewers, listeners, readers to a place where beauty transcends the event/s. The purpose of all art is to transcend the servings on a daily plate, to invite interaction with another place of comfort, solace, non-thought. In short, to provide another form of a conventional religious experience.

Death signals emptiness. But death is a transformation, a change in view for those who escape the death. The closer that we come to death, the more introspective and thoughtless we should become. Not to dwell on how horrible death can be, but how we can know better to be in death. This means that we are in constant flux, constant time, constant life. Recognizing that this is a state of being and state of mind is a major step towards acceptance of the nature of existence. Surely, the latter seems simple. Sure, this is true....Well, of course, gee, hmmmmmm. But this realization is the key to opening one’s spirit.

George Harrison said that until we know bliss, a true form of consciousness, we cannot know what it means to even BE on this earth. I think that he was right.

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