Jazz Review Gets a Makeover

Dear fan of jazz,

Thank you so much for supporting the Jazz Review.  Since 1997, it's been our honor to bring you the best in jazz news, reviews, interviews and more.  When you logged on today, you probably noticed there have been some changes to the structure of the site. We are currently working on giving it a new look and adding some very interesting ways to bring you more information on the music you love.

Some of the new additions to the site are:

- The Jazz Community: Where Facebook Meets Jazz

- Jazz Social Community

- Jazz Community Discussion Forums

- Jazz Community Concert Calendar

- Free Jazz MP3 Download Section

- New Jazz Release Area 

- New and Improved Photo Gallery

- And many more changes to come!

Please be patient with us as we finalize all the changes.  Again, we thank you so much for allowing us to share your jazz journey.

Warm regards,

Jazz Review Staff

Last modified on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 12:00
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