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Are you looking for ways to get additional exposure to your music?  If so, why not giveaway one track from your new jazz release so that thousands of jazz fans can get exposure to your music. will feature your music in our free MP3 downloads area for thousands of jazz fans to experience and potentially purchase.  When featured, jazz fans will also be able find out more about you by reading your bio, going to your website, or going directly to purchase your CD from your preffered online store (itunes, CD Baby, etc). 

Setting up your music to be featured in our free jazz download area takes only a few minutes.  Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Login to the site (if you are not already a registered member, start by registering yourself.)
  2. Click the "Logout" button and go to the "Add an Item" link or click the "Add an Article" link on the Member's Menu
  3. A popup window will appear that allows you to input all the pertinent information about your jazz release, CD Cover art work (200 x 200 pixels) along with the link for jazz fans to download your music.
  4. Enter the article title as: "Your CD Title" by "Artist/Group Name" (For example: "Life Everlasting by Morrice Blackwell Trio")
  5. The title alias can be left blank, the sysem will automatically fill this out based on the title.
  6. Select the appropriate genre from the available tags and then click the "Add >>" button.
  7. Choose "Free Jazz MP3 Downloads" from the category dropdown box.
  8. Next complete the three tabs of the form (Content, Image, and Extra Fields) with your new release information. 
    • Content Tab: Teaser text goes in the top content box (first paragraph of bio) and full artist/group bio text goes in the bottom content box (be sure to use the "paste as plain text" method to assure correct formatting.)
    • Image Tab: Add your 200 x 200 pixel CD cover artwork by clicking the "Browse" button next to Item Image.
    • Extra Fields: Input all CD information (Artist Name, CD Title, Label, etc.)
  9. Click the "Save" button in the top right hand corner of the popup window.
  10. Once the information is saved to the database, you will get a confirmation that says, "Item Saved" in the top left hand corner of the window.
  11. You are done!  We will feature your free MP3 download to the site within 3 - 5 days.
  12. To see a short tutorial of the process, please watch the video at the bottom of the page.


Below you will find a sample of the list of information that you will enter on the form:

  1. Artist: Jessica Williams
  2. CD Title: Freedom Trane
  3. Featured Track Title: The Seeker
  4. Genre: Straight-Ahead Jazz
  5. Record Label: Origin Records
  6. Record Label Website:
  7. Artist Website:
  8. MP3 Link:
  9. Buy Link Text:
  10. Buy Link:
  11. Musicians: Jessica Williams (Piano), Dave Captein (Bass), Mel Brown Drums
  12. Tracks: The Seeker, Lonnie's Lament, Freedom Trane, Paul's Pal, Prayer and Meditation, Just Words, Naima, Welcome
  13. Artist Bio / CD Background: Due to her being based in northern California, Jessica Williams is a bit underrated, but (on evidence of her sets for Jazz Focus and Hep) she is one of the top jazz pianists of today. Williams is a powerful virtuoso whose complete control of the keyboard, wit, solid sense of swing, and the influence of Thelonious Monk have combined to make her a particularly notable player. She started taking piano lessons when she was four and was gigging as a teenager. Williams took extensive classical lessons...
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