Nina Goodrich

Nina Goodrich

Creating an eclectic cocktail with the swamp tradition of New Orleans and the suave sophistication of New York, John Ellis has created a cocktail of pure attitude on his new release, Dance Like There's No Tomorrow.

Though geographically hundreds of miles separate the cities, an undefeatable spirit joins them. Both cities have faced recent catastrophes but both are coming back intact, licking their wounds, but healing and going forward in spite of their losses.

Pla …

The cover photo on the album Meow Baby displays a very good-looking, almost impish, young man. That photo comes to life when a rich, deep, mellow and very manly voice comes across the phone line for this interview.

With Danny Lerman on an extensive tour for his new album, it is almost natural to begin the interview with: "Good Morning. Do you know where you are?"

Lerman quickly comes back with a lighthearted chuckle, setting the tone for an interesting, lively conversation, …


Les Sabler

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The old saying, "Three times a charm," may be true for some things. But, for Les Sabler, his fourth album is a masterpiece. Braving deep waters with classic hits like Aretha Franklin’s "Daydreaming" and Peabo Bryson’s "Can You Stop The Rain,’ then adding a marvelous collection of originals, offering plenty of textures and moods, Sabler definitely will be on the map with his latest release, Sweet Drive.

Adding a group of all-star musicians and singers to this already exciting album, alo …

From Burghausen Jazz Festival in Germany to a New Year’s Bash in Morocco for King Hassan, and back in the United States at many of the finest settings, composer, pianist, all-around nice guy, Lafayette Harris, Jr., has enjoyed it all, including a coaching position for youngsters in Japan. Harris was also the music director and conductor for "Cab Calloway’s Legacy of Swing Tour" in a ten-week tour of the United States.

With all that experience and stardom, Harris has earned a station in …


Mark Elf

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Guitarist, Mark Elf, is dedicated to celebrating his music, his career and his life. For more than 30 years, Elf has written songs, played guitar, taught and recorded music. Now head of his own label at, Mark Elf is glad to be alive, and glad to be doing what he does, in a voice that’s all his own.

JazzReview: I first became aware of you when I had the good fortune to review Glad To Be Back. I was so impressed with your work, I began searching the web to find …

Nearly thirty years into performing, Spyro Gyra is still at the top of their game and still known as jazz fusion’s most original group. While other groups are ready to retire, Spyro Gyra is ready to keep on "keepin’ on" with a wealth of creative talents, adding young, fresh performers as they go.

Sure, this group has a signature sound, but nothing is ever the same as they aspire to push their individual creativity. No wonder their original fan base is still with them-by the millions around th …


Will Downing

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R&B singer Will Downing is the perfect axiom that you cannot keep a good man down. Albeit being diagnosed with polymyositis, a disease that incapacitates one’s muscles, I’m happy to report to Will’s fans that their favorite singer is doing just fine.

When I caught up with Downing last week, he was in high spirits, laughing and talking and reporting that he was getting better every day. Will had just gotten back in the house from getting his driver’s license renewed from the local DMV offi …


Najee Rasheed

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With a style all his own, saxophonist Najee Rasheed put the "ooow" in smooth, taking jazz into the mainstream, along with his brother, Fareed, playing guitar. Najee’s works hit the charts as soon as they hit the air during the early 1980s, making listeners beg for more. His millions of fans have stayed with him, waiting for his next album.

The innovative brothers captured the attention of classic diva, Chaka Khan, whom requested they tour with her.

Nominated for …


Ron Levy

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With credit for more than 200 songs, coupled with 35 years of touring, Ron levy is no stranger to discipline or the B-3 organ. His album, Green Eyed Soul aptly describes the feel of Levy’s get down and jam style of rhythm.

Finally able to do what he enjoys-the creative process of growing music, Levy no longer has to spend his time on the road, promoting his work. His music promotes itself.

JazzReview: I believe I have four of your albums now. The last one was "Vood …

Without a doubt, Earth Wind & Fire was the most dynamic band to hit the scene during the 1970s and 80s-crossing every line, culturally and musically. They also cut through the age divide.

Officially beginning in 1969 in the Chicago area, by producer Maurice White, this group was unique from the very start. Like most bands, a little tweaking was necessary-switching band members, finding their voice and hitting their stride. After regrouping and plenty of time gigging, the distinct voices, …