Nina Goodrich

Nina Goodrich

Nearly thirty years into performing, Spyro Gyra is still at the top of their game and still known as jazz fusion’s most original group. While other groups are ready to retire, Spyro Gyra is ready to keep on "keepin’ on" with a wealth of creative talents, adding young, fresh performers as they go.

Sure, this group has a signature sound, but nothing is ever the same as they aspire to push their individual creativity. No wonder their original fan base is still with them-by the millions around th …


Will Downing

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R&B singer Will Downing is the perfect axiom that you cannot keep a good man down. Albeit being diagnosed with polymyositis, a disease that incapacitates one’s muscles, I’m happy to report to Will’s fans that their favorite singer is doing just fine.

When I caught up with Downing last week, he was in high spirits, laughing and talking and reporting that he was getting better every day. Will had just gotten back in the house from getting his driver’s license renewed from the local DMV offi …


Najee Rasheed

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With a style all his own, saxophonist Najee Rasheed put the "ooow" in smooth, taking jazz into the mainstream, along with his brother, Fareed, playing guitar. Najee’s works hit the charts as soon as they hit the air during the early 1980s, making listeners beg for more. His millions of fans have stayed with him, waiting for his next album.

The innovative brothers captured the attention of classic diva, Chaka Khan, whom requested they tour with her.

Nominated for …


Ron Levy

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With credit for more than 200 songs, coupled with 35 years of touring, Ron levy is no stranger to discipline or the B-3 organ. His album, Green Eyed Soul aptly describes the feel of Levy’s get down and jam style of rhythm.

Finally able to do what he enjoys-the creative process of growing music, Levy no longer has to spend his time on the road, promoting his work. His music promotes itself.

JazzReview: I believe I have four of your albums now. The last one was "Vood …

Without a doubt, Earth Wind & Fire was the most dynamic band to hit the scene during the 1970s and 80s-crossing every line, culturally and musically. They also cut through the age divide.

Officially beginning in 1969 in the Chicago area, by producer Maurice White, this group was unique from the very start. Like most bands, a little tweaking was necessary-switching band members, finding their voice and hitting their stride. After regrouping and plenty of time gigging, the distinct voices, …

What type of band has the audacity to debut with an album called The Last Farewell?

Answer: A group of mega all-stars, jazz icons, who just happened to get together for some fun; gigging at local spots-then grew into a super-hit group called Shapes.

In fact, this group is what devoted co-producer, Roger Burn, calls "the Swiss Army Knife of bands".

Fans couldn’t get enough of these brilliant performers, so they’re back with their second release, The Big Picture


Russell Gunn

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Soft spoken, innovative-even a little ahead of his time, trumpeter Russell Gunn is making headlines across the country with his fourth album in the series: Ethnomusicology

Nominated twice for the Grammy, this series winds up with Volume Four, a live collection blending jazz, hip-hop, R&B and slipping in an Ira & George Gershwin tune, Summertime. If that isn’t broad enough, Gunn includes a Miles Davis number, Blue In Green.

Mega talented Gunn, a true visionary, doesn’ …


Joel Dorn

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No wonder seasoned professional producer, Joel Dorn, keeps on winning those Grammy Awards-He’s experienced, he’s intuitive, and he’s comfortable with himself.

It takes years for each of us to find our "self." Dorn has done that. It shows in his work and in his relatedness with others. Maybe that’s why Aces Back To Back, the Bobby Darin legacy, turned into the masterpiece Dorn hoped it would be-a collector’s item highlighting a brilliant performer whose time has come.

Many biograph …

Gerald Albright has what many artists dream of-staying power, with an attitude!

Playing all the saxes: tenor, alto, soprano and baritone is only part of the magnificent picture. Albright also plays the flute, flute and electric bass. Being this versatile is quite a fete. To stay in demand across the country and around the world, year after year, is a dream most artists aspire to.

A very pleasant voice answered the phone for this interview-kind of mild and smooth like the instrument Geral …

Forever, For Always, For Luther is the project of the year, undertaken by producer Rex Rideout as his tribute of love to the world famous Luther Vandross.

Crossing all boundaries musically, emotionally and culturally, as he crooned his way into the hearts and souls of listeners around the globe for more than twenty years, Luther became a household word. As if his gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile didn’t melt the people’s hearts; his voice hypnotized audiences as he sang of love …

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