Nina Goodrich

Nina Goodrich

What type of band has the audacity to debut with an album called The Last Farewell?

Answer: A group of mega all-stars, jazz icons, who just happened to get together for some fun; gigging at local spots-then grew into a super-hit group called Shapes.

In fact, this group is what devoted co-producer, Roger Burn, calls "the Swiss Army Knife of bands".

Fans couldn’t get enough of these brilliant performers, so they’re back with their second release, The Big Picture


Russell Gunn

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Soft spoken, innovative-even a little ahead of his time, trumpeter Russell Gunn is making headlines across the country with his fourth album in the series: Ethnomusicology

Nominated twice for the Grammy, this series winds up with Volume Four, a live collection blending jazz, hip-hop, R&B and slipping in an Ira & George Gershwin tune, Summertime. If that isn’t broad enough, Gunn includes a Miles Davis number, Blue In Green.

Mega talented Gunn, a true visionary, doesn’ …


Joel Dorn

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No wonder seasoned professional producer, Joel Dorn, keeps on winning those Grammy Awards-He’s experienced, he’s intuitive, and he’s comfortable with himself.

It takes years for each of us to find our "self." Dorn has done that. It shows in his work and in his relatedness with others. Maybe that’s why Aces Back To Back, the Bobby Darin legacy, turned into the masterpiece Dorn hoped it would be-a collector’s item highlighting a brilliant performer whose time has come.

Many biograph …

Gerald Albright has what many artists dream of-staying power, with an attitude!

Playing all the saxes: tenor, alto, soprano and baritone is only part of the magnificent picture. Albright also plays the flute, flute and electric bass. Being this versatile is quite a fete. To stay in demand across the country and around the world, year after year, is a dream most artists aspire to.

A very pleasant voice answered the phone for this interview-kind of mild and smooth like the instrument Geral …

Forever, For Always, For Luther is the project of the year, undertaken by producer Rex Rideout as his tribute of love to the world famous Luther Vandross.

Crossing all boundaries musically, emotionally and culturally, as he crooned his way into the hearts and souls of listeners around the globe for more than twenty years, Luther became a household word. As if his gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile didn’t melt the people’s hearts; his voice hypnotized audiences as he sang of love …


Jimmy Haslip

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What would you call a world famous, energetic, enthusiastic, totally engaged musical genius, who has written, played and produced for more than 25 years? You could call him Pro. Or, you could call him Ace. Or, you could call him by name-Jimmy Haslip.

For some, the name Haslip is synonymous with Yellowjackets. But, for many, master bassist Haslip is a musical wonder in all phases of production, with an appetite for diversion.

Stepping out of a recording session at ten o’clock in th …

After 15 years of rehearsing, Frank Vignola and Joe Ascione have arrived.

Virtuoso guitarist Frank Vignola and master percussionist, Joe Ascione have worked together steadily, developing a symbiotic union which breeds energy, excitement and delicious memories with their 33 1/3 recording.

Rarely do artists of such extreme caliber work together so well for so long. Now at their peak, Frank and Joe have reached in to bring other brilliant artists into their world, givin …


Andy Narell

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Their name Sakesho (pronounced sah kay show) is the French Creole saying for "its gonna be hot." And on January 22 and 23rd this Caribbean-influenced jazz band would be creating more than a sizzle when they perform at the Catalina Jazz Club in Los Angeles, California.

This would be the band’s first performance in Los Angeles and they promise to give audience more than a treat within their two-hour nightly performances.

Sakesho is pan virtuoso Andy Narrell, pianist Mario Canonge, …


Skip Heller

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There’s nothing fake about Skip Heller He knows how to work his guitar-make it talk-make the audience weak in the knees. And, Heller knows how to choose his band members. As Heller relates, "Dragging Robert Drasnin out of retirement was one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made."

After years of writing songs, authoring a book, scoring movies and bits in Hollywood-- plus going back to Philly-just to keep the attitude ‘live,’ Heller has paid his dues. Now, he has gathered the hottest tal …

Just in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the end of Apartheid in South Africa, Dave Love speaks for the many creative musicians still in that part of the world who as yet, don’t have a voice on the world stage. A remarkable producer, founder and president of Heads Up Records, Dave Love also has a vision: bringing the world together through wonderful music and fantastic artists.

Love’s timing is impeccable with his January 2004 release: Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s Raise Your Spirits …

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