Nina Goodrich

Nina Goodrich

After four years of silence, during which Monk, Jr. fought a bought of pneumonia, TS is back in the spotlight.

Already a world famous star, TS makes his comeback on his own terms and on Higher Ground.

Multi-talented, articulate, yet warm and a bit humble, TS Monk, Jr., tells where he was, where he is and where he’s headed.

T.S. MONK: Hello.

JAZZREVIEW: Oh my goodness. Did you just wake up or is your voice always that deep?

T.S. MONK: No, it’s alwa …

Known as the B-3 Bomber for his incredible skill on the Hammond B-3 organ, playing the B-3 comes naturally for Joey DeFrancesco who as a child, played along with his father, Philly organ legend Papa John DeFrancesco. By age 16, DeFrancesco was the first recipient of the Philadelphia Jazz Society’s McCoy Tyner Scholarship and a finalist in the Thelonius Monk International Jazz Piano Competition

Miles Davis was so impressed with DeFrancesco’s talent back in 1988, he asked the (then) 17-year ol …



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Singer, songwriter, Robin Stine has made her CD debut, with Daydream hitting #9 on the Podcast charts, after enjoying success for more than two years as a local favorite across the Gulf Coast.

Surviving two hurricanes, including Ivan, the Terrible, Stine determined she would produce her album regardless the weather.

Three weeks before Katrina hit New Orleans, Stine had gotten together with a studio to record her album but was moved, again, as the storm barreled down on the famous ci

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