Beatrice Richardson

Beatrice Richardson

Through the years jazz has come to mean different things to different people, branching and rejoining itself in a myriad of styles. Here is one jazz performer defining and redefining what jazz means today.

A San Jose native, who later moved to the Los Angeles area, Geissman grew up on the sounds of the Beatles, Eric Clapton, surf guitar music and later jazz/blues greats B.B. King and Kenny Burrell. Geissman was a senior at Cal State Northridge when he was recommended by a mutual friend …

Dave Frank

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Avant-garde jazz pianist Dave Franks’ humor can sometimes be as surreal as the paintings of Salvador Dali, whose paintings served as the inspiration behind the song "Salvador Dali in a State of Grace." Frank will joke about where Dali might be now or about playing a private concert for Picasso. He talks about his own music using descriptive metaphors.

"Salvador Dali was one of the proponents of the surreal avant-garde painting movement, taking traditional images and reinvent …

The band's area was assembled on the Palladium's stage , one organ on the left and another organ on the right, drum set-up in the middle, guitar amps and guitar stands filling the space in between: A stage set-up that telegraphed the spirit of interaction that was to come.

The show started out with the band doing a few soft, rootsie type, acoustic/electric blues numbers and then continuing on into some serious electric blues.

The crowd seemed to particularly enjoy the long jam s

The prestigious Bluenote jazz club welcomes R&B legend Roberta Flack for a rare appearance from June 11-16th 2002. Singer/pianist Roberta Flack knows how to raise the roof and tear down the walls with her infectious and deeply emotional brand of R&B.

Over the course of her three-decade career, Flack has earned a huge and intensely loyal following all over the world, with her exquisite piano playing and her passionate yet playful vocals. From the softest whisper to soulful dynamic voice and v

Jazz Live! From the Blue Note, Thursday night was both an epiphany and a delight with James Cater and The Organ Trio featuring: Gerard Gibbs (Hammond B-3), and Leonard King (drums) with special guest David Murray.

The Bluenote is unquestionally one of the finest jazz clubs in the country, as you walk through the door, it immediately hits you - Jazz.

Carter , a snappy dresser steps boldly onto the stage and immediately sadles up to the microphone, chest poised and then emotes pure fire fro

Chick Corea is a musician of extraordinary abilities; he’s one of the most influential jazz pianists since the 1960s. His virtuosi technique encompasses classical precision, free improvisation, Latin rhythms, and electronic innovations.

In a stunning ending of week 2 of a 3-week birthday bash; opens with the innovative sextet, Origin; featuring the collective talents of: Steve Davis (trombone), Steve Wilson (alto & soprano saxophones), Tim Garland (tenor saxophone), Avishai Cohen (bass) and

Jazz Now.....The Celebration

If your musical appetite has been jazz deprived for a while, take heart jazz, is coming back into the mainstream.

I was especially delighted to hear five outstanding talented musicians at the Enoch Davis Center in Saint Petersburg, Florida . These young musicians are past scholarship winners of The Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Education/Scholarship program.

The Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association Education/Scholarship program is really two par

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