Beatrice Richardson

Beatrice Richardson

Chick Corea is a musician of extraordinary abilities; he’s one of the most influential jazz pianists since the 1960s. His virtuosi technique encompasses classical precision, free improvisation, Latin rhythms, and electronic innovations.

In a stunning ending of week 2 of a 3-week birthday bash; opens with the innovative sextet, Origin; featuring the collective talents of: Steve Davis (trombone), Steve Wilson (alto & soprano saxophones), Tim Garland (tenor saxophone), Avishai Cohen (bass) and

Jazz Now.....The Celebration

If your musical appetite has been jazz deprived for a while, take heart jazz, is coming back into the mainstream.

I was especially delighted to hear five outstanding talented musicians at the Enoch Davis Center in Saint Petersburg, Florida . These young musicians are past scholarship winners of The Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Education/Scholarship program.

The Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association Education/Scholarship program is really two par

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