William James

William James

1/7/2011 - Peoria, IL - David Hoffman approaches music from several perspectives. Traveling the world as trumpet soloist/arranger with the legendary Ray Charles, and his extensive experience in the world of Jazz formed an artistic platform, that enhanced his performance on stage and in recording projects. His current environment plays an important role in the inspiration behind his passion for music and nature to gently flow together. Having played with Ray for the last 13 years of his illustrious career, Hoffman moved back to his Midwest home, located in a converted rural Congregational Church, living and making music in the recording stu...
Norway - Considered the holy grail of Chet Baker recordings by many collectors around the world, the new CD released by Norway's Hot Club Records titled TELEMARK BLUE features Chet Baker's last studio sessions, in Paris February 1988, just three months before his untimely death. It was his first jazz & poetry album, and a remarkable meeting between two great poets. The sessions feature a collaboration between Baker and renown Norwegian poet Jan Erik Vold, and includes guitar legend …
5/4/2010 - Peoria, IL - Is there something Paul Adams doesn't do? He's built instruments for some very well known musicians, he's a writer and poet, he plays a vast array of exotic instruments, composed music for major corporations, and has eight critically acclaimed albums out in about 5 different genres of music. "I'm no genius," says Adams. "I'm just fascinated with everything. It's difficult being musically varietal in life as it can confuse an audience. But, I guess it's my path. This is a
4/29/2010 - Clearwater, FL - Jeff Berlin is a legend of the electric bass, considered by many to be the finest electric bass player in the world. A true master of the bass, Jeff Berlin has played with the likes of Bill Bruford, George Benson, Allan Holdsworth, and even toured with original members of Yes (Anderson, Wakeman, Bruford, Howe) on only three days' notice. Much to the anticipation of his fans, Jeff is releasing a new jazz trio CD on his own MAJ Records label titled 'High Standards'. Al
8/1/2009 - Algonquin, IL - Random Touch's Scott Hamill (guitars), James Day (keyboards) and Christopher Brown (drums/vocals) first collaborated in the 1970's. Pure improvisation was one among many sound experiments. Over time it became the preferred mode for music making.

With the music of A Way From the Heard (Token Boy Records, 2009) Random Touch has arrived at a new level of expression. Rock and symphonic music are more fully merged on much of the album, and their lon

6/24/2009 - New York, NY - Jazz is not dead - at least not when the Ed Palermo Big Band plays it. Part of the Cuneiform 'Contemporary Masters' series, 'Eddy Loves Frank' is the third album to feature the music of Frank Zappa as arranged by Ed Palermo and performed by the Ed Palermo Big Band. A brilliantly original and entertaining big band jazz CD, 'Eddy Loves Frank' shows that Zappa’s music has become assimilated into the American songbook. It also reveals that Zappa, as an Ameri

6/17/2009 - Montreal, Qc, Canada - Unicorn Digital is proud to announce that legendary keyboardist RogerPowell (Utopia, David Bowie, Meat Loaf) has signed a deal with the label to release Blue Note Ridge, a collection of improvisations that embrace classical melody, contemporary harmony and impressionist forms on this debut solo piano album.

A stream of consciousness merging styles and eras, Blue Note Ridge is pure, elegant and honest. In the 70’s and 80’s Roger Powell’s ground