Edward Kane

Edward Kane

The Hollywood Bowl is a deservedly legendary summer institution, a beautiful natural amphitheater nestled in the Hollywood Hills where great music is the norm. Each year, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association puts together an eclectic lineup of shows presenting not only its own orchestra, but some of the greatest musicians in the world representing all types of music. The Bowl is a treasure not only for patrons of classical music, but for fans of all jazz, pop, rock and the plethora of sty

Watching Chicago Blues Reunion perform last weekend in Hollywood, a term from the film industry came to my mind: this is a high-concept group. An ensemble cast of players from legendary blues bands like the Electric Flag, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the Siegel-Schwall band and the backing bands of such greats as Howlin' Wolf, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan, the Reunion is also just that, a gathering of old friends from the Chicago blues scene of the early 1960s. That sense of camaraderie came throu
The music of Marta Gomez is honest in its beauty and directness and maybe just a little deceitful in its complexity, seeming simpler than it actually is. The Colombian singer and songwriter seems to be using simple forms and language to express the world around her, but there is an awful lot of craft going into it and, making their first West Coast appearance last month at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, it was obvious that she and her band play with tremendous technical ability. Their debut wa
A person’s 65th birthday is a special occasion; upon reaching such a milestone, a celebration is certainly in order. For some folks, turning 65 means an imminent retirement and the chance to finally get that senior discount at IHOP. Veteran soul singer and songwriter Leon Ware is a little different; having at last reached his golden years, not only is his career not winding down, it actually seems to be still gathering steam. His performance at Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood on February 16th,
Jazz is sometimes referred to as American classical music, African-American classical music or some similarly tortured formulation. Of course, jazz ‘is’none of these things; jazz is jazz, and that really ought to be good enough. The form is its own unique entity, positioned in a place somewhere between popular music and concert music that allows its practitioners ample freedom to draw from either or both traditions. The second program in the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 2004-2005 Jazz at Walt Disn

Hi, Hi, Blackbird

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Shelly Berg's new CD Blackbird hit the streets on January 25th; LA area jazz got a tasty preview of the Concord release a week early at a special show by the Shelly Berg Trio at Catalina Bar & Grill. The show naturally drew heavily from the disc, which the pianist and USC professor plugged relentlessly (and amusingly) during the evening. Rounding out Berg's trio were the well-traveled bassist Chuck Berghofer and drummer Gregg Field.

Blackbird takes its title from the Lennon McCa

The words "Education," "Association," and "Conference" seem unlikely to figure prominently in a sentence ending with the phrase "Fun and exciting," so I suppose it's a testament to the power of Jazz that I am able to write with conviction that, in addition to being very informative, the 32nd Annual Conference of the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) was fun and exciting. As a resident of Long Beach, CA, the city which hosted the conference, it was tremendously gratifying to be
The Ornette Coleman Quartet's one-night engagement at Disney Hall was one of the most eagerly anticipated events here in Los Angeles in recent memory; tickets were all but impossible to find. L.A. doesn't get enough of Ornette Coleman. Most towns could probably lay a similar claim, given the fact that Ornette scatters only a handful of dates in American cities every year; but given the important role this city has played in his career, it still seems rather shocking that this was the legendary j
Marian McPartland closed out another successful run of shows at the Jazz Bakery on Halloween night with a delightful bag of tricks and treats. Her set was adventurous and wide-ranging, including luminous originals, warhorses from the great American songbook and a handful of compositions by several of the most distinctive composers in jazz history: Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans and even Ornette Coleman. Nearly as important was the graciousness, charm and wit with wh
It's hard to write about Santana without venturing into hyperbole. There's Carlos Santana himself, a singular guitarist equally adept at playing with tender lyricism and dealing in raw power; the rest of the band is hardly less accomplished with such long-term members as the versatile keyboardist Chester Thompson and potent drummer Dennis Chambers in tow. Though the line-up has shifted several times over the years, Santana is one of a very small handful of bands from the Woodstock Nation to not