Turiya Mareya

Turiya Mareya

The class is offered for pianists, Drummers, Wind Players, String Players and Vocalists. The Class uses a variety of techniques pulled from the traditions of American Jazz, Africa, Latin America and World Music to Stimulate Creativity and develops improvisational skills. Classes include: The Art of Improvisation, Scales and Chords, Rhythmic Concepts, Latin Jazz- Montuno and Clave, Jazz Harmony, Jazz Theory, Composition, Arranging. Meditation, Inner Listening, Performance and Practice Techniques, …
ManDido began exploring hand drumming as a young man of sixteen growing up in Watts, South Central Los Angeles, California. Musical influences included jazz, bebop and other popular styles. In 1970, he immigrated to Montreal, Canada, where he lived for ten years. During that time he worked on studio and performance projects with many musicians, including Gino Vannelli. He toured for three years and recorded a total of three albums with Gino. ManDido moved to Vancouver, in 1980, and immediately b …

La Luz Eterna Release

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From 1998 to 2002 The Kokopelli Latin Jazz Ensemble was one of the most creative and popular groups in Southern California. KOKOPELLI performed for 6 years at Croce's Jazz Bar in the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego. Festival appearances include: The Big Sur Jazz Festival, The Idyllwild Jazz Festival, and The Calle Diez Latin Festival. They have opened up for Eddie Palmieri, Pancho Sanchez, Arturo Sandoval, Jane Bunnet and The Spirits of Havana. The group became inactive in 2004 when drummer Skip Ho …
The Cellar in Vancouver is exactly that. You go down a flight of stairs to enter an intimate and tastefully appointed old school Jazz Club. The red walls are adorned with black and White photos of Jazz Artists, and behind the small stage, graced with a shining baby grand piano, hangs thick black curtains. Dinner is served at the small tables and the food is delicious and served almost silently.

Cellar Co-owner Cory Weeds, (who is also an amazing alto saxophonist) welcomes the audience and re

Tenor Saxophonist Bobby Martinez debuted his new group "Latin Elation" at the opening of a new series of Latin Jazz nights hosted by a new club in Madrid called "Shaman" which will feature every Thursday night in November some of the best Latin Jazz artists in Madrid.

The regular trumpet player with Latin Elation was unable to perform this night and to take his place Bobby recruited his friend and neighbor, fellow tenor saxophonist Inoidel Gonzalez Torres, who I was delighted to see as he is

New Yorker Bob Sands came to Europe 11 years ago with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra and decided to stay to broaden his horizons He was young and qualified having graduated from Eastman with a degree in Classical Saxophone and did his graduate work the The Manhattan School of Music studying Jazz. He originally planned to base in Paris. But after a gig in Madrid he stayed and made a life there. The first few years were spent in Cultural transition as his brash New York personality clashed with the
A true Diva needs more than attitude and bravura. She has to deliver and back it up with chops and skill as well as power of presence. Columbian vocalist Martha Patricia is a Latin Diva who takes the stage and commands your attention and involvement with her musicality, originality and true love of Jazz. At a recent concert at Café Berlin she delivered a variety of classic Jazz standards as well as Salsa adaptations and Brazilian Classics.

She obviously has been influenced by Sarah Vaughn and

On Monday nights, Madrid´s premier jazz venue hosts The Dukaband, an 11 piece group that plays the music of Duke Ellington with a horn line up that includes tuba, trombone, two trumpets, Baritone, Tenor and Alto Saxophones. I went expecting to hear faithful renditions of Duke´s work in the style of the period but quickly realized that the themes and Structures of Ellington´s compositions were used as a starting point for wild creativity in approach, orchestrations and style. The group features s
It must be the pure love of the music that drives them Jane Bunnett and husband Larry Cramer. The rigors of the road can take a toll as they shepherd their ever-evolving band of Cuban artists and they do it in a home-style relaxed manner with Trumpeter Larry Cramer also serving as road manager for the crew. For their Sunday night date at Victors on the Bay in San Diego the Bass did not arrive with the band a full sized acoustic bass mysteriously vanished without a trace. After many frantic calls
The group Valle Son is a little known Cuban group first encountered by Canadian tourists in Cuba. They were enchanted by the groups unpretentious, folkloric style and brought them to Canada, recorded them and sent them out on tour. Juneau Salsa Dancers Antonio and Heather Diaz had heard the group in Canada and for 3 years battled Visa restrictions until they finally got permission to bring the group to the Alaskan Capital, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, snuggled at the foot of a
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