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Clef Notes

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Ann Hampton Callaway Blues In The Night (2006 Telarc) Your emotions will fall from your eyes when the first spin takes off into your heart from the vocals of Ann Hampton Callaway and her Blues in the Night. Excellence in the "blues feel" is as simple as I can script it. With a tearful sax in the background guided by the others, Callaway’s voice and execution bleeds the lives of many. Callaway’s sultry and heart felt tones range from brassy to bashful as this disk unfolds emotion …


JT's Clef Notes

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TJ Tangria Jazz Group (Self 2008)

In an excursion that has brought this trio to their third spin, Tangria Jazz Group has proven to be bold in approach, precise in composition, and progressive in method. Leader Sheryl Mebane (Drummer) has come together with a vision, evolving her multi-directional craft. The result is seven imaginative cuts all with position and complexities purposely designed by a now, seasoned trio.

The keys of pianist Simon Rochester are c …

You Go to My Head Janelle Monique (Zafe’Musik 2008)

Complex as it may be to exhume logic from the decision to spin classics when the creative mind of this young composer lays dormant, the fact is, Janelle Monique’s debut jewel-box works! Vocalist Janelle Monique’s You Go to My Head penetrates the world of the "diabolically seductive" vocalists of today’s jazz.

The course Ms. Monique takes in breaking bread with these standards is a fine …


The Flip Side

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Jazz Skat Gumbo/Kat Walker (2009)

Jazz Skat Gumbo is a blend of the "feel" that only New Orleans can deliver. Vocalist Kat Walker is the guide through the French Quarter back streets of sound. Ms. Walker’s new CD, Jazz Skat Gumbo, is a collection of select traditional compliments, if you will, performed with gifted New Orleans jazz musicians that grace this honored stage we call New Orleans.

Kat’s gritty vocals are unique and very inviting and when she adds her attitude by scatti …



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Heavy with promise, the stage lit with the soul of youthful visions, a new wave of jazz aficionados embraced the Palos Verdes Coast with a free expression of the legendary Great American Songbook.

Located and sponsored by the Trump National Golf Course, this monthly event showcases the talents of the Palos Verdes community’s hopes and dreams. Orchestrated by Dr. Greg Allen, Director of Freedom 4U, the gifted young unleashed their passion for the purist of American art forms jazz …

The unification of resonance, philosophies, and talent cements the foundation of a new vision in the music label concept; a vision which brings the fan and the artist into a community of communication. Free of barriers, rules, or back stage pass dealings, Hip Chick Music (HCM) is the opus of CEO Elise Lebec, which brings the basic two elements of the music world together; the artist and the listening public. Thus, filling the void that has been lost in the pool called the music industr …

"Let someone start believing in you Let him find you and watch what happens" well defines the concept of this disk as to its purpose, poise, and performance! It is also what ignites the power within - to dance with a dream Charito’s dream!

The most dynamic occurrence in the creative process is when two minds from diverse plains cultivate and design, not by plan, an extraordinary gratification in sound. This translates into a blueprint of a legacy (Michel Legrand) and a lady (Charito), buil …

For those of you who have been subjected to Karaoke, my heartfelt apologies from the music industry. The vocally-challenged often flock to these staged events, filled with the juice from the fountain of ego...thus subjecting the innocent to cries of pain and anguish. Sorry Simon, you did not invent this absurdity. One night, however, in 2003, at the Club Med in Bora Bora, an uncut diamond took the Karaoke stage and in a short three weeks, attained the dream stardom lore is built upon. Classicall …

Dissecting and sculpting opinions concerning the new tour of blues sounds has always dropped me off at my own crossroads. Just left of wax center, extremes of rhythms and vocal curves that stretch the traditional concepts of the textbooks become a welcome exploit for me. Whether the stylistic bending in blues is welcome or forbidden by traditional masses and talking heads, it is always an unworthy indulgence to have a sit-n-spin among the fresh and pioneering channels of echoes to come.

I …

Saturated in a legacy, ignited by a deep inbred passion, Zakiya Hooker takes the blues from the past and allows the future to extract her signature sound. Influenced by her icon father John Lee, Zakiya directs us out of the crossroads, with her new jewel box Keeping it Real.

Ms. Hooker is a direct and focused vocalist, both in her philosophy of life, and her style. She intermingles her faith and father (John Lee Hooker), crediting both for her journey thus far. This is what makes …