Maxwell Chandler

Maxwell Chandler

Erik Satie (1866-1925) envisioned "furniture music". The nascent genre was, by half a century, an early precursor to the modern (techno) ambient genre. A concept of music heard in the background adding to the mood but not demanding the full attention of its listeners.

Erik Satie’s music, upon first listen would seem deceptively simple; often made up of a repetitive pattern, somewhat trance inducing. It was this seemingly simplistic approach which made the influence …

There is a tradition as old as jazz itself of musicians finishing a gig, and then instead of going to bed, finding a little club or party where, safe among their fellow musicians and the equally appreciative faithful, they cut loose. Aside from providing a type of release, these after hour jam sessions sometimes allowed them to work out new theories.

Like a lot of developments in modern art such as Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) using Ripolin house paint in his works (1912) one factor of i …


Sharing the Joy

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Growing up, both of Holly Yarbrough’s parents were artists. This meant that she had an untraditional, nomadic youth. In lieu of the typical steady friendships, Holly developed a special relationship with music. It was a source of comfort and inspiration with different songs to soundtrack every mood and activity.

After an odyssey which found her singing classical arias and performing and recording with her folk stalwart father, Glenn Yarbrough ("Baby, The Rain Must Fall" 1965) came the …

New Orleans is often claimed to be jazz’s birthplace. While that point may be arguable to some, it was definitely, if not the birthplace, then the all important incubator. Being an active seaport and a multi cultural way station, it was the perfect place for an art form that would incorporate so many diverse elements. Initial jazz bands were largely an entertainment phenomenon. Typified by the brass bands such as could be found playing dances, bars and other colorful places in the Story …

James Spaulding's pedigree is an impressive one. He has been called upon to add

his touch on both alto saxophone and flute for countless classic 60's Blue Note albums.

Now, as a leader and owner of Speetones label, he continues to add to his rich legacy.

The Early Years

Jazz Review: Your father was a professional touring musician. Did he encourage you to take up music?

James Spaulding: I was strongly influenced by my father but it …

With half a century of music making under his belt, Bud Shank is a survivor and a legend. To merely label him as a player of the West Coast/Cool school is to deny oneself the full measure of a multi-faceted artist.

Still touring and recording, he takes time out of his schedule to talk to me about his artistic legacy.

Jazz Review: Your family was not musical, what were the circumstances of your initially being bitten by the jazz bug? Were they su …

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