Donna Kimura

Donna Kimura

On her seventh album, Marilyn Scott sticks with a formula that has made her a hit on the adult contemporary scene.Scott’s music isn’t so much a late Saturday night in a …
One of the most compelling recordings to come out is on Rene Marie’s stellar "Vertigo" CD.The singer-songwriter transforms an a cappella "Dixie" into an unlikely, but po…
Newcomer Ben Black distinguishes himself from the rest of the pack.First, there is his hauntingly beautiful voice capable of hitting high notes that most male singers ne…

Melody Gardot

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Melody Gardot likes nice shoes.

The well-traveled jazz singer has on occasion traded in a pair while visiting a new city. "I’ll let go of whatever shoes I’m wearing and I’ll buy a new pair," she says. "It’s almost as if to transfer my journey."

Gardot’s travels continue with the April release of My One And Only Thrill, the follow-up to her acclaimed debut, Worrisome Heart.

The new CD further makes the case that Gardot is one of the freshest faces in music. Her arse …


Vicki Burns

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Vicki Burns’ new release, Live at Anna’s Jazz Island, tells a lot about her both musically and personally.

Instead of the traditional hard CD format, it is primarily a digital release that serves multiple purposes. First, it gets Burns’ music, a rich blend of jazz genres, out into the world. The digital format, however, serves to cut down on the packaging costs, a critical consideration for most musicians. It is also an important "green" move for the environmentally conscious si …


Kate Schutt

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Singer-songwriter Kate Schutt has invited outsiders into her secret world of songwriting.

Telephone Game, which gets its name from an age-old children’s game, is a unique project that began with Schutt inviting listeners to submit song ideas. She then took those ideas and made them her own, crafting and nurturing them into songs. Along the way, Schutt shared the creative process with fans.

"I think people find it quite mysterious," she said. "It is mysterious. I tried to …


Robin McKelle

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Vocalist Robin McKelle, who made a splash with her debut CD, is poised to create even bigger waves this year with the release of her much-anticipated sophomore release, Modern Antique.

The CD, which comes out in the United States in August, had an early release in France, where it debuted at no less than No. 1 and continues to ride high on the jazz charts with a cool sound that offers a nod to the 1940s while avoiding being sentimental.

The singer recently spoke with JazzReview …


Diane Schuur

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Jazz vocalist and pianist Diane Schuur delivers one of her most personal albums to date with the release of Some Other Time.

The CD is a loving tribute to the music that filled her home when she was a young girl. Made to coincide with the 40th anniversary of her mother’s death, the album is a strong return to Schuur’s jazz roots.

The Grammy-award winning singer performs selections by Gershwin, Berlin, and Hammerstein, among others. With her strong, flexible voice, she makes the song …

Libby York was recently told that her voice is like a warm bath. That description suits her just fine.

"I love it when people tell me my music is relaxing," she said.

York offers a respite from a hectic world. Her latest CD, Here With You, is the vocalist’s third album and a heartfelt offering of 11 standards. Rather than the selection of songs, the album’s strength is the small group of musicians that came to York’s side.

"These are people I wanted to work with," she said. The g …

When Steve Allee was a young boy, his family would go visit an uncle with an extensive record collection. At some point during the gathering, his uncle would invariably start playing all kinds of music−classical, Dixieland, even Hawaiian.

One day, his uncle played "It Ain’t Necessarily So" performed by Miles Davis and arranged by Gil Evans. When it was over, Allee asked, "Would you play that song one more time?" After it was done playing a second time, he still asked, "Could we h …