Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson

Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson

Jazz does have a sense of humor. Pianist Horace Silver has proven that throughout his career with titles like "Doodlin’", "Filthy McNasty", "Finger Poppin’", "The Sophisticated Hippie", "Funky Bunky", and "Rockin’ with Rachmaninoff". Fellow pianist Toru Dodo may not have such colorfully named tunes on his new release Dodo 3 (Jazzcity Spirit Productions, Inc.), but his charming wit brought about laughter from the crowd at Sunday’s Jazz Brunch at The Blue Note Jazz Club.

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Percussionist Andrea Centazzo co-founded Ictus Records in 1976. Somewhere amidst his passion for the music and the fickle and indifferent attitudes of listeners, Ictus Records disappeared almost a decade later. But passions can burn for a long time. Though he was not producing recordings for his label, he was producing music - scoring film soundtracks in Los Angeles for eight years until passion brought him back to New York last year for performances at, most notably, Tonic and the Rubin Museum
Good music brings out good people. Even multi-instrumentalist Howard Johnson had to comment on the attentiveness of the standing-room only audience in the small campus dining area. Some had cozied up to warm beverages and evening meals while others caught up on their text messages. Those in the throes of studying in the outside lobby drifted in once the music began to percolate.

Johnson fronted a quartet for two sets (the first of which is reviewed here) as part of the Thursday Night Coffeeho


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September 2006 - Dayla Arabella Santurri is the General Manger and Public Relations Director of Scullers Jazz Club in Boston, MA. Though her job keep her steppin’, she has made it a priority to respond to patrons and pesky media folks (present company excluded.) A true rarity to be afforded time with someone associated with one of the most prestigious jazz clubs in the country. When asked what she does, she exclaims "Oh boy! I am afraid to think about this question. I always say that's why "Gene
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