Lee Prosser

Lee Prosser

For the last 2 years the Mid-States Jazz Camp in Dayton, Ohio has hired 6 of the worlds finest jazz musicians to work with the young musicians who attend the camp. Each of these years these musicians have traveled 1 hour south to Cincinnati for a Wednesday night performance. Now Wednesday night is not the best night to draw a crowd for a jazz show here. But for the last 2 years "Cecil McBee and the NYC Jazz All-Stars" performed before a large, enthusiastic mid-week audience, with this year's sho

Daryl Stuermer

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Daryl Stuermer cast a spell over a hometown crowd at the city's outdoor music festival. The band started with 'Icarus Banjo' off of his LIVE AND LEARN CD. The curiously named tune features a jangly guitar and piano that is reminiscent of early Bruce Hornsby. It took little time for Stuermer to show he is the master of lyrical guitar. With a crystal clear sound coming from the P.A. system, the band soared through this song, which could be best described as an 'American anthem.' Keyboardist Kostia
Drummer/bandleader Chico Hamilton has, like Ellington, Mingus and Blakey, a tradition of his bands being 'finishing schools' for jazz musicians: Larry Coryell, Eric Dolphy, Paul Horn, Arthur Blythe, Fred Katz and Gabor Szabo are among those passed through the ranks of his various organizations. Hamilton, unlike some jazz players, has not stood still in his career, style-wise: bop, cool, chamber jazz, fusion ' he's been-there, done-that and more.

Hamilton has kept not-the-highest profile the pa


Fleurine and Brad Mehldau have recorded an intimate album entitled "Close Enough For Love" and why not? They certainly were close enough when the roller-skating Fleurine fell down the stairs at the Village Vanguard and crashed right on top of Mehldau. That was their first meeting.

Performing at North Sea, Mehldau took his usual Bill Evans' hover over the piano and the lovely and beautiful Fleurine, dressed in a stunning black velvet and gold cocktail dress, stood

This was the second year Russell Malone performed with his own band at the North Sea Jazz Festival. This was yet another mid-size concert hall that was standing room only, proving the ever-increasing popularity of these exceptionally talented jazz musicians of the younger generation.

Russell has really come into his own after making a name for himself backing Diana Krall. Russell was with Jimmy Smith's band for two years in the late '80's and toured with and appeared on CDs with Harry Connick

Catalina's in Los Angeles was lucky to host the Ray Brown trio July 25-30. Bassist Ray Brown was joined by Karriem Riggins on drums and Seattle-based Larry Fuller on piano. The trio played standards in a straight-ahead but expressive style, never moving too far away from the essential melodic line. The three are tight even on slow ballads - this despite an unfortunate stage layout that kept Fuller out of eye contact for the week.

Ray Brown is a master musician. He has the unhurried attitude o

Diana Krall is without a doubt a jazz music icon. Since the release of "When I Look In Your Eyes" her name has become a household word in many circles, in and out of the jazz world. Whether hearing her performances solo; on film or as duos with many great artists, one quality remains constant. Diana Krall's beautiful voice. Since she has performed her spirited, personable versions of standards, audiences are finding jazz music fun to listen to once again. Krall's music is steeped in the finest j
Indianapolis is a city that host's great events related to sports like pro racing, basketball, football and the NCAA headquarters. During July however, the city plays host to a world -class roots / blues and jazz festival every year that rivals any other in the US or abroad. With 60,000 in attendance, the third year of the Indy Jazz -Fest has proved to be a charm. The performers ranged from James Brown, The Isley Brothers, Neville Brothers and Los Lobos on the pop stage - to Ramsey Lewis, Diane
Art Good has done it again by bringing a great lineup to Catalina for the annual festival. Many of us are fortunate enough to listen to Art's radio program each week. The radio program features music and interviews with many of the top smooth jazz musicians in the country. The show is a treat in itself , but each year in October these same featured jazz artists assemble in the Avalon Casino Ballroom on Santa Catalina for three days of super music.

This year the dates were October 2- 4 and 9-

On Friday, November 6th the popular smooth jazz group Down To The Bone came to Milwaukee. This was their second stop on their U.S. tour. Their first concert was in Chicago the night before. The beautiful Astor Street, was a perfect venue for this high class act. The blazing lobby fireplace took the chill from the fall air and led the way to a warm evening of listening and dancing pleasure.

Most of the music played was from their very popular album, From Manhattan to Staten, which has been rec