Sheldon T. Nunn

Sheldon T. Nunn

Whenever The Rippingtons come to Houston, Texas for a concert, the welcome mat is always open for one of smooth jazz’s most prolific groups. In conjunction with the release of their latest CD/DVD entitled ‘The Rippingtons 20th Anniversary,’ (Peak Records) the group has embarked upon an August/September multi-city tour of the United States. The City of Houston is but one of the many pit stops along the way. Founded by Russ Freeman

In 1995, Bob Engel and John Harrington launched one of the most celebrated jazz acts of its kind ever observed in recent history. What has since become a multi-talented touring package made up of a wide and varied group of artists commonly referred to as "Guitars & Saxes" is now one of the most phenomenal franchises in performance history. At various times during eleven years of existence, "Guitars & Saxes" has fea

In the whole scheme of what smooth jazz should be about, the subject is a hotly debated topic of discussion. Traditionalists will tell you that the music is nothing more than instrumental pop. Smooth jazz enthusiasts insist that this is jazz filled with a contemporary flavor, music that crosses demographic lines. Nowadays, radio stations having this type of format far exceed stations playing more traditional styles of jazz. There lies the impact on society as a whole. In the United States, sm

Individuals who adopt worthy causes in support of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised people in society have a very difficult endeavor, especially when attempting to rise above other organizations trying to achieve the same objectives. Often times, the overall approach becomes easier when a celebrity or person of note becomes involved to garner support for a given charity. That is exactly what happened when pianist Bobby Lyle and some of his friends put on a special benefit performance

When it comes to jazz, the City of Houston has a rich and vibrant history that can be traced back to venues such as Club La Veek, La Bastille, The Jazz Connection, The Jazz Emporium, The El Dorado, Club Supreme and last but not least the highly regarded Rockefellars. Through those doors, some of the finest and best known names in jazz came to Houston to play. Most notably, Houston has a resume filled with native residents, which includes Joe Sample, Wayne Henderson, Eric Harland, Jason Moran, Bu

Musically speaking, Joe Sample stands as one of the most consistent and significant artists in jazz today. During his 45 years, first as a Jazz Crusader and then as a solo musician, Joe’s contributions to jazz are widely known and he has become a cultural icon amongst his fans and peers alike. His world-class prominence as one of the genre’s most prolific pianists has not tarnished him in any way and he is down to earth and personable by most standards.

On any given day when he

When one speaks of saxophonist Grover Washington, Jr., considered by many to be one of the finest contemporary jazz saxophonists of his time, the word "legend' has to come to mind. His impact on the jazz world has been long-lasting and has influenced any number of today's up and coming musicians. For more than 30 years, Grover's influence not only stretched the boundaries of contemporary, soul and smooth jazz styles, it also pu

Every city in the United States has a number of favorite jazz musicians. In the case of Houston, Texas, the crowd pleasers have always been Rick Braun, Jonathan Butler, Richard Elliot and Peter White. Collectively, their performances have always been a cornucopia of musical delight and showmanship. At various times, these guys have performed individually or as members of the 'Guitars & Saxes Tour' to the delight of thousands of Houston jazz enthusiasts. Recently, a tour of a differen

One of the greatest bandleaders of his time was William "Count" Basie. From 1935 until his death on April 26, 1984, Count Basie was considered by many to be one of the most influential individuals in the realm of big band, swing and blues music. He and his hand-picked band members became jazz icons and made hundreds of some of the most memorable recordings in jazz. When Basie died, some critics and fans theorized that his was the end of an era; however, under the direction of such notable
Whenever the Pat Metheny Group comes to Houston, jazz beginners and connoisseurs alike hit the ground running to secure tickets for what many have call a superlatively moving jazz experience. Every now and again, Pat Metheny and his band come to the city to highlight their latest odyssey into the unknown parameters of sight and sound. If anyone has ever experienced a Pat Metheny concert, it is a well-known fact that the light show is superb and the musical augmentation celestial. A
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