Sheldon T. Nunn

Sheldon T. Nunn

Historically speaking, jazz has always been about change and the pursuit of a highly evolved style of music. For well over 100 years, the genre has manifested itself into one of America's most significant art forms, yet it continues to be misunderstood and often under-rated. In the beginning, the word jazz meant controversy and in later years, bebop, cool, free as well as fusion jazz also became the topics of debate. In the latter half of the 20th century and well into the 21st century, smooth j
One of the more stimulating aspects of any live concert or musical performance is its entertainment value, especially when it comes to jazz related events. Across the United States, many jazz concerts are either under-attended or have little interest for the general public. In most instances, only die-hard jazz aficionados attend these concerts and festivals, and even then the numbers may not add-up to a successful number of attendees. But every once in a while, a matched set of musicians will t
In an article reviewing the 3rd Annual Trinity Jazz Festival, two corrections must be made regarding the founder of the event and a well-deserving artist.

The founder of the Trinity Jazz Festival is Father William B. Miller not (Marshall), Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church. His insight and vision in elevating the consciousness of jazz in Houston has been extremely beneficial. In addition, the review erroneously reported that Bob Henschen was the pianist accompanying Jason

In a city where jazz is not necessarily one of the national past times, Houston manages to hold its own in spite of benign neglect, especially when it come to showcasing some outstanding jazz related events. Although they may be few in numbers, the concerts and festivals that highlight jazz are well-worth a view. One such event is the Trinity Jazz Festival, where spirituality and jazz come together under one roof.

Already in its third year, the festival is a combined endeavor that brings

Whenever jazz connoisseurs come to Houston, Texas, they have to look long and hard for a venue that offers a well-rounded selection of quality entertainment. For the most part, the options are limited and versatility is often questionable at best. In a city having a population of 2 million-plus, jazz venues are a rare commodity; as such, when a new club opens, it can best be described by a thirsty man finding an oasis in the desert.

The Omni Central night club opened its doors for the fi

KHJZ 95.7 The Wave, the city's only commercial smooth jazz radio station sponsored "A Peter White Christmas" Friday night. As one of their major concert events of the year, KHJZ has continually brought quality shows to Houston's Verizon Wireless Theater. In bringing guitarist Peter White and Mindi Abair to the city, a merry night of Christmas cheer and jazz became the hightlight of the evening. Anytime Peter makes a visit to Houston, he is always a welcome delight. In
Jazz in all of its flavors was alive and well at Jones Hall on the night of October 2nd in Houston. Presented by the Society for the Performing Arts, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra directed by Wynton Marsalis played to a near capacity crowd that night. As one of the finest organizations in the United States, the LCJO is comprised of 15 of the best musicians in jazz today. In coming to Houston, Wynton Marsalis and company offered a multitude of commissioned originals and c
Jazz concerts in the City of Houston are rarely if ever have a predictable measure of success. In many ways, they can best be compared to the flip of a coin, heads I win, tells you lose. Sometimes shows are successful, and to a large degree there are those instances when they are not. The reason being, Houston is an extremely difficult town for jazz, especially live performances. Factors determining the success or failure of a concert in the city are not clear cut. Shows that are expected to be
Houston, Texas has a unique position in jazz history, mainly because numerous musicians have called the city home over the years. They have included Arnett Cobb, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Illinois Jacquet, Milt Larkin, Calvin Owens, Wayne Henderson, Joe Sample, Don Wilkerson, Billy Harper, Wilton Felder, Bubbha Thomas, Ronnie Laws, Hubert Laws and a host of others. Collectively and individually, these artists have had a tremendous impact on jazz in one way or the other. As trailblazers, this inc
Paul Taylor is one of jazz's finest saxophonists, yet in cities such as Houston, Texas, he may be one of the genre's best kept secrets. In fact, Paul could be considered as an undercover jazz artist on a secret mission. On August 24th, Paul appeared in concert at Houston's IRIS Jazz Resort, the city's premier jazz venue. For those attending the show, the concert was a mesmerizing experience. His appearance also served to elevate the consciousness of many jazz starved connoisseurs who were unawar