Robert Doyle

Robert Doyle

TINA MAY is certainly a slow burner.

In an unusually chilly Royal Clifton ballroom, she took a while to find her fire, but once she warmed up she was as hot.

Looking gorgeous, with a voice to make grown men swoon, she is a charismatic and skilled vocalist. But arriving directly from Paris perhaps left her a little lagged and in early songs, such as Thelonious Monk’s "Well You Needn’t," this reviewer had the feeling that Tina and the band were holding back.

Tenor sax and band leader Mike


Winter Wonderland

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Southport's reputation as a place to listen to the best in contemporary jazz was enhanced last weekend by a highly praised Winter jazz festival. Fans from all corners of the UK and a three-day program of differing jazz styles from some of the World's best jazz musicians produced an exciting and memorable event, all organized by the Southport Melodic Jazz Cub.

Dutch violinist Tim Kliphuis with former Stephane Grappelli bassist Len Skeat, leading UK guitarist Mitc

The Southport Melodic Jazz Club's inaugural winter weekend event will live long in the memories of those lucky enough to be there.

Capping a fantastic three days of performances at the English seaside resort's Royal Clifton Hotel was Detroit-born pianist Kirk Lightsey, whose link up with UK tenor man Bobby Wellins had jazz fans roaring their approval.

The Melodic Jazz Club has a knack of bringing together explosive musicians, lighting the blue-touch paper and tiptoeing to a safe distance a

Highlight of the Southport International Jazz festival was the appearances of Italian pianist Riccardo Zegna, who had Jazzers fumbling for superlatives after four exquisite performances.

Pick of the bunch was a Saturday afternoon session featuring Riccardo and bassist Steve Berry. The pair only met shortly before the gig and, as Berry told the audience, "Riccardo knows as much English as I know Italian - not a lot".

Between each strong, the duo played a hilarious lost-in-translation guessi