Joe Montague

Joe Montague

I came out to hear a singer billed as a mix of blues, roots and country music. I must admit, as I looked around the cool funky blues venue, Red Onion in Calgary Alberta Canada, that my attention was starting to wander by the end of the second song. Roxanne Potvin's opening number "Home In Your Heart" at its best possessed a slashing riff. The second song was a good honky tonk tune, but not what I came to listen to.

Then then passionate vocals like you seldom hear from a twenty-five ye

Jazz pianist/vocalist Brenda Earle was as elegant as the dinner club in which she was performing on May 13th in the University city of Guelph just one hour north west of Toronto Canada. Having interviewed Earle earlier in the year I decided to take advantage of her appearance at Manhattans.

Earle took her seat at the piano just a whisper away from the nearest patrons. The talented young woman who has also made a name for herself as an accomplished composer was joined on this night by

It may have been April Fool’s Day but the real fools were the ones wandering around on the outskirts of Marcia Ball’s open air concert at Austin's Art After Dark (Austin Fine Arts Festival). Ball who was just nominated for Entertainer of the Year by the Blues Music Awards makes the energizer bunny look lazy. She never stopped bobbing her head and swinging her legs to the music as she electrified the audience with a twenty-two song set. Springsteen may have sung "Dancing In The Dark" but Marci

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