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Goans have given our country and the world for that matter, some great musicians. If the Indian film music industry is making international inroads these days, it is thanks to the foundations that were laid down by Goan musicians. Infact, Goa can now be called India’s music capital. Unfortunately the state of musicians in our music capital has deteriorated and keeps deteriorating by the day, thanks to short sighted event organizers and so called ‘promoters’ who have been happily promoting themse
Jazz Junction was formed in Goa in the year 2004 by virtuoso jazz bassplayer Colin D'Cruz. Over the years, the band's personnel continously changed to include some of the most accomplished local as well as visiting international jazz artistes. Colin always believed that the most magical moments in jazz always happen in concert as opposed to clinical studio sessions. One good reason why Jazz Junction's debut album is recorded live in it's truest sense. All ten tracks in this album are taken right
Goa based record label 'Rock and Raaga' has released the Brown Indian Band's debut album titled 'E-Fusion'. The Brown Indian Band led by bassplayer Colin D'Cruz, features accomplished Indian classical musicians in concert with jazz virtuosos. Indian classical music and jazz are both forms of improvised music. Indian classical music is linear and improvisation is based on just one raga (scale). Jazz on the other hand has a broader palette where multiple scales are often used to improvise through

Shisha Cafe, ABC Farms, Koregaon Park presents JAZZ JUNCTION featuring Natasha D'Souza-vocals Natasha all of twenty two years, is one of India's most promising jazz talents. She has an impressive repertoire of jazz standards and has been performing on a resident contract with the Hilton hotel in Mumbai.

Simon Hewitt-saxophone Simon is an Australian saxophonist in India to study the bansuri with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. He is also a singer/songwriter with four albums out on major r

They have carved a niche in India and they are out to make a mark in Europe now. The Brown Indian Band is all set to wow 18 cities across that continent next year. And their European adventure comes with a rare honour for any Indian band: In April 2007, when the band rocks Europe, they will actually be doing so as the opening act for the legendary singer Sting in a series of concerts.

It all started at JW Marriott hotel, where the band has been playing regularly since April. " After a

Mumbai based jazz ensemble Soul Yatra is back after a very successful Asia-Pacific tour. Appointed as the Indian ambassadors of jazz by Hennessy XO, Soul Yatra has now been signed on as brand ambassadors and will perform several international events for Hennessy over the next two years. This is heartening news indeed for Indian jazz artistes who have been struggling for decades to find a voice in the international jazz arena. Jazz may have originated in America but today this form of improvis

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