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Anthony Allsop


A UK online jazz station

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We are a group of jazz loving people, who through the wonder of modern technology can share our love of the music with you!we have no sponsorship as such we have a local buisness who help us out from time to time, but basically we are self funded and we use our own record/CD collection, we broadcast from 18.00 Saturday(GMT) untill Sunday midnight, we do some live broadcast, but most of the time they are recorded shows which are done from various locations in the surronding counties.

So come …

I am speaking on behalf of my friends at about our rise from what would admit being a joyfull hobbie to a wonderful success story we have achieved through our love of our music that music is of course Jazz !

Although we all differ in our approach to the shows and our varied combinations of jazz some time's mainstream,fusion,funk,whatever you wish to call it,the music is chosen by the Djs with no pressure of any outside influences i/e sponsors many stations can …