Brenda Bucci

Brenda Bucci

Vinnie Burke,(aka Vincenzo Bucci, Vincent James Bucci), internationally known jazz bassist graduated to a heavenly orchestra on February 1, 2002 from his home in Springfield, New Jersey. Born in Newark, New Jersey on March 15, 1921, Vinnie began playing music at the age of 5 years old, starting with the violin, then moving on to the guitar and finally finding a perfect jazz sound with a 5 string bass fiddle. His resume is extensive with engagements at the Blue Note, the Half Note, the Copacabana …
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First Annual Italian Heritage Month Concert

Saturday, October 4, 2003 at the NJ Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey (Victoria Theater 7 pm)


(Vincenzo Bucci)
renowned Jazz Bassist
(March 15, 1921-February 1, 2002)

Bassist, Vinnie Burke, at one time or another, played engagements with and recorded with the greatest names in jazz.

Vinnie Burke was recognized as an excellent soloist, a sensitive accom …