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Time: 4:30 ET Date: 12.19.05 Where: Jay Thomas Show (2-6pm ET / Channel 103)


Subject: Cynthia "c." Basinet brings her story of a Nobel nom, her music including the #1 hit, "Santa Baby" and the trip in between.

Further info: www.cynthiabasinet.com, www.myspace.com/cbasinet

"Santa Baby" from the CD, "For You With Love" available on iTune

Recording artist and actress Cynthia "C" Basinet is among this years Nobel Peace Prize nominees. Known for her hit "Santa Baby," this talented musician is also a humanitarian. She is honored for drawing attention to the plight of 200,000 refugees living in the Western Sahara desert. The refugee camps are 80% women and children, and their plight touches Basinet deeply as a woman, and a single mother. Only 12 women have ever won the Peace prize (80 men and 12 organizations have garnered


Actress, jazz artist Cynthia "c." Basinet among Nobel Peace Prize nominees

Hollywood, CA - Cynthia Basinet, and 39 others from the United States, are among the 1,000 women from around the world who have been collectively nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize, as part of a novel project meant to highlight their work for a better future.

Nominee Basinet, while best known as an actress and jazz artist -