Wilbert Sostre

Wilbert Sostre


Buika in Puerto Rico

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With her powerful voice, amazing feeling, beautiful smile and sense of humor Buika captivated the public in her first concert in Puerto Rico. Buika is a unique artist that blends in her music a diversity of influences. In her voice and music one might hear the voices of Africa, the phrasing of the Spanish Flamenco, Jazz, Soul and the rhythms and feelings of latin america and the caribbean. The concert setting was simple and intimate, a great artist like Buika doesn't need anymore, just her vo

In his book Musicophilia, Oliver Sacks described a neurological illness called Amusia. People with absolute amusia do not "recognize tones and music is not experienced as music". "For such people melodies lose their music quality, and may acquire a non-musical disagreeble character". Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia

But there are many forms of amusia, some of them acquired. Rhythm amusia or rhythm deafness is the inability to detect certain rhythm variations. People with Melody Amus

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