Lyn Horton

Lyn Horton

It is seldom that a musician can captivate my ears to the point that I do not want to stop listening to the recordings I have of his music. This is true of pianist and composer, Dave Burrell. A while ago, I wrote about a his performance with his new Trio featuring William Parker and Andrew Cyrille. Now I want to write about Dave, and only Dave.

The opening track of RECITAL (a 2000 CIMP recording with bassist, Tyrone Brown), NEVER LET ME GO, reveals more about Burrell in 8 minutes 50 seconds t …

This is the second time I have seen Laurie Anderson perform. But when I see her, I feel as though I have known her for years. The reason is that her performance ethic is rich with the material that the avant-garde has been made of since the late sixties. Her work displays the crux of all that art which was based deeply in conceptualism. How her work developed out of that began in the same manner, which was verbal, refined to as close to the non-object as possible, and concerned with life situati …

Brewing Content

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In 1964, Susan Sontag wrote an essay that rocked the cultural world. It is called AGAINST INTERPRETATION. It is my opinion that this had more to say directly to the art, music and literary world than did the seemingly more noteworthy, NOTES ON CAMP, of a year earlier.

I am writing about her ‘64 essay because it laid the foundation of fundamentals for the way in which art, music, and literature would be perceived thereafter. And those fundamentals still hold true. They are a set of fundamental …

Improvised music is the music to which I am beholden. Beholden, because all I have heard has bolstered my inner self, has reminded me that I am alive, has taught me that the creative process extends beyond the immediate result. The process is the key. Those moments when the music touches me are glorious renewing moments. Like being in the night and gazing at billions of stars over head, as meteors streak across the sky, unannounced.

To recognize the significance of "the music", about w …

In Chicago, at the Empty Bottle, on October 24, 2001, there will be a CD release Party for a new release on European label , émouvance, VOICES & DREAMS by Joe McPhee and Raymond Boni.

A review of the this CD appeared on this site in Jazz at a Glance. The review was written by Lyn Horton.... …

Matthew Shipp

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Origins originate from a phenomenon other than birth. Honing in on the phenomenon is more conceptual than descriptive. For mere mortals, the journey necessitates a ceaseless repetition of approaching how to understand the ultimate beginning of everything up to and including the self. And for Matthew Shipp, the means to approach this universal understanding is through the piano in the way in which he matchlessly creates sound.

To talk with Matt is to talk to a person boldly adherent to …

For a long time, I can’t be specific, Mat Maneri’s playing has fascinated me. I have sought the door to open to reach Mat for an interview. The door finally opened and I walked through.

We arranged to speak over the phone on a Sunday around noon. Nervousness abounded, butterflies rose and fell inside of me and I made the call. From about 12:30 to 7:30 that night, a rally of phone messages occurred because we kept missing each other. The first time we actually began to converse, we had problem …

William Parker believes in unleashing creativity. His willingness to open those doors is inexhaustible. His practice will lead anyone who is receptive to him. Through the network that is the tapestry of William Parker converts, the world could be at peace. This concert was dedicated to the memory of Malachi Ritcher, who died by self-immolation November 3, 2006, in protest of the invasion of Iraq by the United States.

In this context, Parker’s group, Painter’s Winter, played at the Amhe

Without doubt, the fifth annual Solos and Duos series offered an opportunity to hear the voices of musical innovators whose focus is honed to an edge of unsurpassed acuity. Cecil Taylor, the duo of Joe Morris and Daniel Levin, and Joe McPhee were the performers. UMass Amherst was the venue.

Cecil Taylor

Writing about Cecil Taylor is like trying to translate the Rosetta Stone. His iconoclastic history precedes him. Mapping Taylor’s artistry throu

Creation begins in the most internal constitution of the creator. Whatever language the creator uses to describe something outside, that person is correlating an assortment of givens with the dynamics that animate them. In this case, the creator is pianist and composer Matthew Shipp and his creation is Sacred Geometry. Shipp premiered his work for strings and piano at the Kitchen on November 11, 2006. He was joined for the performance by string players Michael Bisio on bass, Mat Maneri