Lyn Horton

Lyn Horton

The Magic Triangle Concerts, sponsored by UMass Residential Arts and WMUA Student Radio, began its 13th series with an interpretation of Bach¹s Goldberg Variations by the Uri Caine Ensemble. The ensemble was made up of Cornell Rochester, drums, Barbara Walker, vocals, Ralph Alessi, trumpet, Dave Binney, sax, DJ Olive, turntables, Drew Gress, bass, Joyce Hamman, violin, and Uri Caine, piano.

For the last week, I have thought long and hard about how to approach writing this article. In fac
After a long absence, the Amherst Meetinghouse Music Series, put on by Michael Ehlers, resumed with a startling performance by The Clarinet Trio with Walter Perkins on drums & vocals, Perry Robinson on clarinets and William Parker on bass, flutes, vocals & reed instruments.

This group is not at all presumptuous. I could tell that they came together because they are dedicated to their music, they love making the music, their music is the extension of their inner selves to the outside worl
A low-key night in the Main Space at the Knit brought together Joe McPhee as featured artist with the Deep Listening Band and Straylight. The too short 80 minute set enveloped the audience with a mood that was penetrating. A mood that was inherent in the cohesion of the multiplicitous percussion instruments and the major players - Joe on sax and pocket trumpet, and Pauline Oliveros, from the Deep Listening Band, on accordion.

The blending of the sound of the instruments reached beyond expecta

Last night to an intimate, appreciative audience, Steve Lacy and trio, made up of Jean-Jacques Avenel on bass and John Betsch on drums, revealed nothing but jewel-like precision , which is Lacy's total concern and has been ever since he began playing.

The concert began with a Monk tune so fluidly rendered by the group that it proved an easy entrance into the growing intensity that filled the remainder of the evening. The next tune, Lacy's "The Bath", delivered a wonderful lilting and breath o

The second in the series of Amherst Mtghouse Concerts, put on by Michael Ehlers, took place last night to a full house crowd. The group, OTHER DIMENSIONS IN MUSIC (led by Roy Campell, brass; with Rashid Bakr, drums; Daniel Carter, reeds; and William Parker, bass), performed in keeping with its name. Accompanied by Matthew Shipp at the piano, the basic quartet played a one-hour long first set; the group, not to mince words here, simply jumped in.

Carter, on tenor, and Campell, on trumpet, seem

On February 9 at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Ma., the stage was occupied by two top performers in the avant garde idiom of jazz-Matthew Shipp, on piano, and William Parker, on bass. Shipp met Parker 15 years ago and expressed a desire to play with him. Shipp's desire was fulfilled and they have played together numerous times in various group situations ever since. Despite the difference in their age, Shipp commands his instrument with finesse and sophistication that begins to match Parker's m
Last night’s performance of Jemeel Moondoc’s decade-long project, "Jus Grew" Orchestra, mesmerized the capacity audience in Bezanson Recital Hall at UMass Amherst . This orchestra works within the context of "free jazz", yet, upon listening, you can hear its roots. Its roots are imbedded in Moondoc’s deeply sincere assimilation of the best of jazz band music, specifically that of Ellington and Mingus, and more broadly of individual artists, like saxophonists Henderson, Ayler, and Jackie McLean.
On Friday evening, March 31, 2000 at the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center was the US premiere performance of the J Band. The J Band is Joe McPhee on reeds, Joe Giardullo on reeds, and, from France, Jerome Bourdellon on flutes and reeds. Special guest performers were Dominic Duval on bass and from Italy, Luciano Pagliarini on alto saxophone.

Jerome Bourdellon initiated the first set with a solo on bass flute. The muted tones he produced projected an altogether feathery character, which had int

Deep in the Hudson Valley, in a wisp of a town called Rosendale, the J Band (Joe McPhee, Joe Giardullo and Jerome Bourdellon all on reeds and Dominic Duval on bass) performed the music I have been anticipating for a long time. The instruments were picked for the space. The space was intimate. The sound was all-embracing. The images of the four playing I will remember for a lifetime.

This gig took a less formal shape than the concert at Rhinebeck a week earlier. The group had been playing stea

Closing the 11th Annual Magic Triangle Jazz Concert Series at UMass Amherst was a performance by trumpeter, Baikida Carroll, and his quintet. The members are Erika Lindsay, tenor sax, Steve Colson, piano, Michael Formanek, bass and Pheeroan Ak Laff, drums.

This concert distinguished itself by being based on Carroll’s composed music. Improvisation took place but did not lend itself to the forefront of the music making. The inspiration that the concert left behind was minimal. Exchanges between