Lyn Horton

Lyn Horton

The house was packed on Sunday, May 7, at the Iron Horse, Northampton,Ma., to hear Brad Mehldau's trio, with Larry Grenadier on bass and Jorge Rossy on drums . The evening glistened with endless music. That is the way Mehldau plays the piano.

The first time I heard Mehldau was with the Josh Redman quintet. Since Mehldau has gone out on his own, having recorded 4 trio CDs, one studioand three live dates at the Village Vanguard, he has blossomed. His piano playing is exquisite. And I feel free

On Thursday night, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Peter Brotzmann’s orchestra, this time, the Tentet + 1, penetrated the Middle East Club with sounds that are memorable and inimitable.

Brotzmann has redefined the idea of jazz orchestra, which we know I suppose from Ellington’s orchestra at its best. Brotzmann has brought it into the 21st century. All the members are consummate performers and masters of their instruments. It seems unbelievable that so many wonderful musicians could be assembled


Reliving Trio X

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The Old Office at the Knit on July 22 saw the second of a three night run of the performance of Trio X, that is, Dominic Duval on contrabass, Jay Rosen on drums & percussion, and Joe McPhee on tenor sax & pocket cornet.

I went to this gig with a clear mindedness that allowed me to hear in a way that carried no expectations. Trio X is finding its own voice. It is a voice that balances dynamics, that carries both soft and brash expressions and an increasing camaraderie of interaction. T

The second night of this year’s Bright Moments Festival at UMass Amherst on July 21 starred Antoine "Papa" Wendo Kolosoyi, a 75 year old Congolese vocalist, whose 39 year reputation as "a pioneer of African rumba" has been suppressed until very recently. In 1992, he put out a CD which brought him much attention, so much that he went on a European tour. It has not been until now that he has come to the United States, having produced another successful CD, MARIE-LOUISE.

Papa Wendo’s group consi

Friday, the thirteenth of April, in Boston, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, was another performance within the Boston Creative Music Alliance of DIE LIKE A DOG TRIO with guest Joe McPhee. The trio is Peter Brotzmann, reeds, Hamid Drake, drums and William Parker, bass.

Brotzmann played the taragato whose tones automatically lend to the music a sound of the world. He broke the silence of waiting for the music to begin with a line that resembled a call of the wild. Parker sat as he fingere


Mehldau Times 2

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In an unexpected solo concert at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Ma., Brad Melhdau exhibited his incredible talents. It is fortunate that he always puts this venue on his tours, for to behold this ever developing artistry is an extremely satisfying occupation.

Melhdau’s performance characteristics are immediately identifiable. He plays from a special folding stool.Each of his arms move together into positions that are between being completely outstretched to being bent well into themselves at

On Saturday night, August 11, there was a concert at the Flywheel Arts Center in Easthampton, MA that made perfect sense as an entire unit of performances. The performance coordinator, whom I believe is Matt Weston, combined successfully disparate elements in his choices for performers: the first set I understood in a classical context; the second set was totally different from the former, i.e. improvised rock (hey!); and the last set calmed and coagulated the sense of all the music in the form
Saturday night, in Rosendale, NY, that wisp of a town near the Hudson, three members of Joe McPhee's Bluette, Joe Giardullo, Michael Bisio, and Joe, himself, continued no doubt in the same musical vein as they had been while at the Guelph Jazz Festival just a day before.

It does not take much on the part of the listener except the willingness to listen in order to hear the breadth , sincerity, commitment and beauty in the music that these three musicians played.

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