Keith 'Muzikman' Hannaleck

Keith 'Muzikman' Hannaleck

July 10, 2006--New York, New York-- Christopher Leighton, known as the performing artist Cjeff, hails from the Bronx, New York. He has been performing and recording for three decades, taking the influences of such artists as Mark Knopfler, Pat Metheny, Weather Report, George Gershwin, Keith Emerson, Thelonius Monk, Alan Holdsworth, Van Halen, and Lee Rittenour to formulate his own distinctive sound.

An accomplished guitarist, Christopher also plays bass and keyboards, c


Los Angeles, California--July 3, 2006 --DJ Monkey will release their new album 3rd World War on July 7. The fact that its release coincides with Independence Day is significant. Most American’s have plenty to be grateful for and some choose not to celebrate this important holiday, as it does not hold a specific meaning and others are just the opposite.

Atlanta, GA--July 3, 2006-- The Future of Jazz is a roots based organization founded in February 2004 in Atlanta Georgia. The showcase evolved into a competition when Alonzo Craig, program director of The City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs needed a way to find the best local talent for Atlanta’s Jazz Festival. Jazz dignitaries such as Earl Klugh and Lonnie Listion Smith have participated as judges lending their support to up and coming artists. With several competi

Atlanta, GA--May 1, 2006--Vocalist Tammy Allen caught the music bug at age 13 at a B.B. King concert. She explains, "I never heard anything with that kind of a pocket." About a week later, Allen decided that was her destiny in life.

After the weekly grind of working in nightclubs and restaurants in LA and Las Vegas was behind her, Allen settled in and opened her own studio in Atlanta to offer voice lessons to aspiring young vocalist. Big House Studios opened its do

Cleveland, Ohio--April 17, 2006--Cleveland is the home to the birth of rock and roll, the music hall of fame, and countless bands that have left their mark on the history of music. Rare Blend follows in those footsteps with music that engages and reawakens your senses. They offer a listener an entire range of flavors ranging from progressive rock, jazz, jazz-rock-fusion, and any combination thereof, primarily in the form of instrumentals.

Rare Blend is Vic Samalot (guitar), Bo

New York, New York--April 10, 2006--Amphis-Baena (pronounced am-fis-bay-nuh) which is know in Greek mythology as a serpent with two heads and eyes that glow like candles, is also a very talented jazz fusion band with a convincing new release titled Fleeting.

Amphis-Baena is Brian Scherman (alto saxophone, electronic effects), the guiding force behind the band, Adam Clark (drumset handsonic), and Jarret Chernier (keyboards, synths). The members


Chicago, Illinois--March 27, 2006 --Chicago guitar legend Eric Mantel has returned to the forefront of guitar based rock music again with his new release The Unstruck Melody. The album features the many styles of the guitar virtuoso with instrumental and vocal tracks. While Mantel makes his presence known in some amazingly eclectic instrumental tracks, his vocal treatments are equally pleasing a

Chicago, Illinois--March 13, 2006--Lee Nysted began his long journey in the world of music with Classical training at the age of seven and began playing the guitar at the age of nine. As they say, the rest is history well, it’s not that simple.

Lee took a different road than most musicians. He went to college, actually finished, went to work, and became a productive member of society. Definitely not the makings of a rock star but his time would come much later. All good things t

Los Angeles--February 2, 2006--Jaci Rae is the epitome of the D.Y.I. spirit that makes independent artists so successful. Being an inspiration to women and men that need a lesson in self-empowerment is her calling card. She is singer/songwriter, musician, prolific author of several successful books including the #1 bestselling Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time, which was the first ever independent authored book to reach #1. <


Cedar Rapids, Iowa--January 30, 2006--Shannon Janssen lives to play the piano and every album she releases is another testament to her dedication to the craft of a true musical artisan. She currently has three instrumental recordings available covering a multitude of genres. Heart Journey (2001) and Piano Paintings (2002) engages listeners with a tremendous range of styles and moods including jazz, new age,