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Peter White

Guitarist Peter White continues to release music that innovates the genre. From his first recordings in the early 90s, he brings energy that matches and exceeds his peers. About people remembering those early recordings, he says, that means more to me to hear a song that I recorded way back for my first solo CD 19 years ago. It means a lot to me to hear that music that's still being accepted today. It's nice to hear the new songs, but wow, that song from my first album still getting played 19 years later that thrills me beyond all that you can imagine.

White says when people remember one of the songs from his early CDs, it has staying power. He says, I love hearing the old music because that means that the song has been truly accepted. The radio station isn't playing it because the record company wants them to play it, they're playing it because they like the song and the people have responded to the song. It's become part of their repertoire. That's very thrilling to me.

People who have been waiting for new music from Peter White are in luck. He has just released his first CD for his new record company Peak Records. Called Good Day,, it's his first release of all original material since he released Confidential in 2004. He says, I did a CD of all cover songs in 2006. I love doing the cover songs, these are my favorite songs, but a lot of people were asking me, 'When can we expect an album of new songs, songs that you have written?' Well, I said, 'That's very nice to ask.'

White started to look for material for the new release. He says, I kind of dug deep into the well and a lot of the songs on this album I wrote a long time ago, just kind of kept them on the back burner. I kind of went through them all and picked some of my favorites to finish up. One of these songs I written back 15 years ago, a song called 'Ramon's Revenge.' Quite old for me anyway, but to everyone else it will appear as a new song. Songwriters are like that, we're very mindfully every idea we keep somewhere and bring it back out.

The first track to be released as a single from Peter White's Good Day is called Bright. He says, actually I dedicated it to late bassist Waymon Tisdale because I wanted to say something about him because he was a great friend to a lot of us. I played on his cruise in January around the Caribbean and that was a lot of fun, especially getting together to play with him live on stage. I literally jumped on stage to join him on his song 'Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now' when he was playing it. The song is so infectious and his energy is so infected everybody. It's not possible to be around him and not feel his uplifting aura. That was the greatest moment of this whole year for me, standing on the stage watching the audience waving their arms in the air along to this song, which he kind of adapted on his own. A wonderful moment, very joyous.

There have been many musicians who after they die are remembered for how they performed. Tisdale was different and White says, isn't that a wonderful thing to be remembered not just for your music, but your personality. Years from now, Waymon maybe remembered even more for his personality than for his music. Who knows? He was that strong a personality and that happy. To me, he was Mr. Bright, which is why I dedicated the song to him. It even starts with a bass line similar to one that he may have played. The whole song just reminds me of him and it's getting a little airplay and I'm happy about that.

There are two special people who produced Peter White's new CD Good Day. One of them is Philippe Saisse and he says, he just produced an album with trumpeter Rick Braun as well. In fact, it was Rick Braun that suggested I get together with Philippe. Rick's a friend of mine and he said, 'Yeah, I've been working with Philippe. You should give him a call because I was looking for somebody to help me finish my album.' I called Philippe and I didn't know him very well. I played one show with him way back and I've been sitting at the bar with him after the show talking with him and that was the only time I really met him. Something like that will just spark a friendship or start a relationship that will keep going year after year. It wasn't even a meeting, it was literally two guys sitting at a bar talking and it made me think I could work with this guy.

White then decided to call Saisse up. He says, he helped me out immensely on this album, co-producing, adding his keyboard, playing and arrangements. He showed me different ways to approach a song that would be better than the way I thought of it. A lot of these songs were old songs I written a long time ago and I couldn't really think of them any different way than the way I could conceive them because I was so used to hearing them. He immediately came up with a lot of great arrangement ideas that took everything to a whole new level. I said to him at one point, 'I would love to hear a vibraphone solo on this song,' thinking he could play one on the keyboard. He said, 'I play the vibraphone. The real instrument playing with the mallets.' I said, 'Great, let's do it.' We got one in the studio and he ran the solo down. You can hear at the end of the title track 'Good Day' Philippe Saisse. You can even hear him grunting in the background.

The second special producer on Peter White's Good Day is keyboardist-programmer-songwriter DC. He says, he's a guy who I have worked with for many years. I met him primarily because he worked with producer-guitarist Paul Brown on many of his productions. He's a wizard with a computer. For some of us who don't understand the computer so well, he was the guy that helped me to keep everything in place. We recorded the whole album on the computer, as people do today. Not only that, he's a musician who plays a little keyboards and guitar and he finds all these weird and wonderful sounds to add to my project.

White really likes some of the things DC does. He says, every now and again on the album, you hear something really different or strange or quirky and that's probably DC. That's why I love working with him. He thinks of stuff that I would never think of. In the song 'Bright,' I had a very smooth sounding song and then one day when I came into the studio, he added this big band hit, like a horn stab. I thought, 'Wow!' because I'm playing the guitar really quietly and this POW, like a big band hitting a chord. That became part of the song, which is my favorite part now. It's not something that I would have thought of because the song to me is very lovely and just kind of keep bubbling along. He added the unexpected.

Peter White always adds the unexpected in whatever release he does. Good Day will make yours a very remarkable day full of great music and the unmistakable sound of a great guitarist and songwriter.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Peter White
  • Subtitle: The Confidential Escape
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